The "expert" of Naidu for the meeting of the CE is "EVM thief" News from Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha


NEW DELHI: When the Electoral Commission agreed to the request of Andhra Pradesh Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday morning to let an "expert" from his delegation return for a more technical discussion on the EVM, little did he realize that this " expert "was Hari Prasad. , a Hyderabad-based investigator arrested in 2010 in a single EVM robbery case.

While Hari Prasad was a part of Naidu's delegation meeting by the EC in the morning, it was only when the resident commissioner of Andhra Pradesh gave his name indicating the composition of the "team of TDP experts" who would attend the CE officials at 4 in the afternoon . He touched a bell.

The EC officials made a quick check and realized that this was the same man who for a long time claimed that the EVMs are not imperfect and they even steal an EVM to prove it with the help of some foreign experts.

EC doubts were confirmed when Hari Prasad came with a member of the TDP legal cell for discussion at 4 in the morning with Vice President of the Sudeep Jain elections and the emeritus professor of IIT D T Shahani who is in the committee of technical experts assigned to the EC. Shortly after he appeared at Jain's office, the officers brought their criminal past and raised protests, forcing a disgusted Hari Prasad and his colleague to leave immediately.

Shortly after, EC wrote a serious letter to the president of the TDP legal cell asking how Hari Prasad, a "so-called technical expert with these backgrounds, was allowed to be part of the delegation … by … Naidu."

Pointing to his arrest for EVM's robbery in 2010, CE wrote: "Whatever the final result of the investigation, it would be appreciated that such backgrounds do not inspire confidence." In 2010, he properly awarded media reports and photographs.

The EC even said that it did not consider it appropriate to have any interaction with Hari Prasad, was prepared to do so with any other expert "who has no similar background." This was also transmitted to the resident commissar of Andhra Pradesh here.

Hari Prasad was arrested in 2010 to illegally acquire an EVM, but later received bail. Since 2009 he interviewed EVM. Hari Prasad appeared for the EVM challenge conducted by the EC in 2009, but could not prove that the machine could be tampered with or cut.


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Acer presents Desktop Gaming Predator Orion 5000



Sunday, April 14, 2019 • 9:21

Acer, Predator Orion 5000, Windows 10

Acer Predator Orion 5000, Image: PredatorAcer Predator Orion 5000, Image: Predator

Even from the annual event @acer in New York, United States, Acer has announced the addition of the Predator game product range, one of which is the Predator Orion 5000 with Windows 10.

This desktop PC is intended for hardcore players because it uses the latest Intel Z390 chipset, the Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Generation, and is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. In addition, Acer launches a large 43-inch Predator monitor . in addition to new additions to the series of peripherals Predator.

Jeff Lee, general manager of Stationary Computing, a computer product company, Acer Inc., said the Predator Orion 5000 series was designed for players who want to maximize game settings and participate in the streaming world with little impact on performance.

"With the latest gaming technology like the GeForce RTX GPU and the 9th Gen's Intel® Core ™ i9-9900K processor that can be overclocked, the new Orion 5000 provides enough power to satisfy even high-demand players," he continued.

While Mark Linton, General Manager, Consumer and Device Sales, Microsoft Corp. said it was great to see Acer bring a broad portfolio of gaming devices designed to meet the needs of various types of players through its new Predator and Nitro series,

"Acer continues to innovate and has an incredible market gaming experience for consumers," said Mark.

The new Predator Orion 5000 (PO5-605S) is equipped with the ninth Intel Core i9-9900K generator with an overclockable octacle core processor (with the Z390 chipset) with dual channel support DDR4 (up to 64GB) to offer a gaming experience of class

For superior graphical performance, the revolutionary NVIDIA Turing architecture in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU combines real-time tracking, artificial intelligence and programmable shading to engage players in a visually impressive game experience.

With extreme processors within the Orion 5000 technology, Cool Liquid Cool, the Cooler Master can adjust the temperature to maximize maximum performance. Strategically positioned inlet and exhaust fans and closed power units are equipped with a removable dust filter to make sure that every Orion internal PC component remains cool during long sessions.

The Orion chassis is now trimmed to only 30 liters so that users can have a powerful computing engine in a compact way, along with transparent side panels in layers of metal networks. Along with other parts, the Orion 5000 housing provides electromagnetic protection to the internal components.

Users can maintain excellence in competition through 2.5Gbps Ethernet, and when the victory can be checked, they can hang their headphones in one of the two special chassis headphones in the chassis.

The existing Easy-Swap expansion room supports SSD SATA I / II / III and 2.5-inch hard drives. It offers file transfer speeds of up to 6 Gbps, to exchange fast and easy data transfers without the need for tools or restarting. This is ideal for players who want to exchange data, move systems or travel with their 2.5-inch SSD quickly.

Users can choose the RGB illumination pattern that suits their style or matches the chosen game. Light bars and kasing fans are placed inside a reservoir that firmly supports 16.7 million colors. With Lighting Maker, customers can improve lighting and enjoy dancing with the sound reproduced. (Ozi)

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EastEnders Spoilers: Keanu struggles to save Louise from death after kidnapping


(Image: BBC)

Well, that's a quick rise: a minute Louise Mitchell of EastEnders (Tilly Keeper) is flirting with a young man named Midge (Tom Colley) in the cafe, the next is death on his face with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) struggling to find after having him the task of protecting it.

Keanu had a job, ffs.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will not recruit him again in a hurry when his daughter stays in the fight for his life, thanks to him falling the ball. Do not expect a brilliant reference, K.

Keanu fails in his assignment in a great way next week when Louise becomes the victim of her father's crimes with Midge and Danny (Paul Usher). Keanu sees with horror how Louise is grouped in a car by Midge and is expelled after leaving her alone.

Phil desperately called for help, but furious Louise was kidnapped.

(Image: BBC)

Ben and Keanu set off to find Louise, but it's a race against time to take her back to safety. Midge and Danny do nothing, they are dangerous faces.

Is this a work that Keanu can do well or Phil will return to his daughter in a bag?

Probably getting worse when Sharon finds out about all this …

More: EastEnders


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RD Congo: Good news, bad news about the Ebola outbreak


Until Saturday, the number of Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo increased to 1,240 cases – a worrying jump of more than 100 in one week – with 1,174 confirmed and 66 probable ones.

The Ministry of Health of the Congo reported 792 deaths, especially in Katwa, where 68 new cases were reported. Vuhovi saw 19 new cases confirmed, like Mandima in the Ituri province, while Butembo added nine new cases.

Butembo, one of the first hotspots after the outbreak that began in August 2018, reported eight new fatalities in the week to continue an increase in the number of cases previously.

There are eight suspected cases, although none have been confirmed in Goma, among the 23 best-kept sanitary areas because it is a border center that opens the doors to Rwanda, Uganda and a more disturbing regional and international spread.

The World Health Organization met on Friday to assess the situation, but did not raise the status level of the outbreak to an international crisis. "However, the committee wanted to express its deep concern about the recent increase in transmission in specific areas and, therefore, the potential risk of spreading to neighboring countries," said the WHO statement.

On a positive note, the WHO said that the security situation in the states of Ituri and the provinces of North Kivu has stabilized. There have also been new hopes about the RVSV-ZEBOV experimental vaccine, which was highly effective according to WHO research published on Friday.

Image: WHO


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Offer flash, obstacles in the Capital and in Cisco. The news of Iliad


The news of the world iliad They never fail and as you know, it's a pleasure to keep up to date. What happened these days in the universe of the Iliad? Bombshell of April 11, which surprisingly saw the fourth mobile operator come up with a super-offer, even if it is limited edition. But before reaching the heart of today's publication, we invite you to download the free application for Iliad fans. Click here to go to the Google Play Store.

The Week of the Iliad
The Week of the Iliad, every Saturday, the point of the situation in the fourth mobile operator. Here are the main news of the week.

From April 11 to 15, 2019, in fact, you can subscribe to Iliad, via the number or portability of another operator, choosing the super offer whose details you can read in this link.


But everything that shines is not gold because Iliad continues to have problems in some areas of Italy that prevent or slow down the realization of the proprietary network.

In fact, these days or antitrust reported that the telephone operator is receiving several oppositions Rome Capital for the installation of new towers in the entire municipal area.

The obstructionism also to make changes to existing towers such as those of Wind Tre to which Iliada, as we know, trust.

Disgusted to say that this type of waste is not as positive as it may seem to some, on the contrary delays the technological development necessary not only for a company but also for customers who use the services of this company.

This, obviously, includes towers for the implementation of the next 5G that we know is not well seen by people who still use the excuse of too many electromagnetic emissions.

AGCM (Competition and Market Authority) He reports that these behaviors violate the rules to protect competition and the market.

We must also remember that Iliad has coverage obligations provided by the Ministry of Economic Development, this wanting to prevent any cost is not good for anyone.

Cisco works with ILIAD

Fortunately, the net of negative news has learned that Iliad does not stay still and does not see or expect the Italian bureaucracy to take its course, but continue to work on the implementation of an efficient and sound proprietary network and improving the support of Wind Tre.

The world leader in networks and IT Cisco In fact, in recent days it announced that it has started a collaboration with Iliad to implement a new generation IP network.

The new standard is based Routing of IPv6 Segments (SRv6), to offer a new mobile offer in Italy.

This new network will allow the fourth operator to offer a more reliable and flexible mobile network in the near future, helping to reduce CapEx (capital expenditure) and OpEx (operating expenses).

In fact, one of the objectives of Iliad has always been to be able to offer the maximum trying to spend less or better to deliver optimized without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

With this new IP-based network Cisco, we are equipped to continuously offer innovative services to our end customers while benefiting from a simple and scalable infrastructure, he declared Thomas Reynaud, CEO of the iliad group.

ILIAD. Other offers still active

We would like to remind you that, in addition to the aforementioned super FLASH offer, the other offers can still be activated from the official website or from the Iliad store or through Simbox. Here are the offers that can still be activated and remember that it is not yet possible to change the offer for those who are already customers.

  • Iliad Giga 50 It includes unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 Giga of data traffic 2G / 3G / 4G at the expense of € 7.99 per month (see direct link). In Europe, there are 4 Giga dedicated data traffic;
  • Iliad Giga 40 Includes unlimited minutes and text messages with 40 Giga of data traffic 2G / 3G / 4G at the expense of € 6.99 per month. In Europe, 3 Giga are available and are included in calls to landlines and mobile numbers in Canada and the United States and landlines in other countries of the world;
  • Voice of Iliad It includes unlimited minutes and text messages with 40 MB of internet for the price of 4.99 euros per month (here is the direct link). The full amount of data traffic is available for roaming browsing, but calls to international landlines and mobile phones are not included.

We also remem- ber that Iliad's offers always include an initial and unique activation fee of 9.99 euros that is added at the price of the first monthly rate in advance of the selected offer.

We'll see you next week to get more updates and updates from the Iliad world. As always now, space for comments. We are interested in knowing what you think. Tell us the following.


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A short collection of animation "Love, death and robot" full of "dangerous" images is full of the experimental spirit of Netflix |


A short collection of animation "Love, Death and Robot" full of "dangerous" images is full of experimental spirit by Netflix |

The short anime series "Love, Death & Robot", which Netflix began to distribute in March, is a work full of "dangerous" images such as violence and sexual representations. To attract many viewers around the world …


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Bosswellia, rich in vitamin D and magnesium "effective in detoxification and blood circulation"


Boswellia / SBS TV "Good Morning" Broadcast Capture

The effectiveness of boswellia is a hot topic.

Known as a good food for the joints, Bosswellia is a plague tree from India or from the eastern highlands of Africa. It is also called sulfur in Korea.

Bongwellya is useful for detoxification and blood circulation, and it is said to be effective for pain.

Bosswellia acts as an inhibitor of inflammation and inflammation due to boswellelic acid.

It also inhibits inflammation activity and increases the survival rate of chondrocytes, helping to control the pain of degenerative arthritis since the onset of arthritis.

In addition, due to the abundance of infracin ingredients, it also helps to improve skin diseases.

Bosswellia is generally rich in magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, vitamin D and a variety of other ingredients.

Bosswellia can be eaten in tea or wines, and it is useful to take incense.

If you drink tea, place 4 g of boswellia crystals in a tea bag and boil for 20 to 30 minutes with 1 L of water.

However, Bosswellia can cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, and liver damage by taking more than 4 g / day.

/ Yoo Song Hee reporter


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The driver of the car pays in excess the penalty for parking in Riga due to an incomplete payment system – About and around – – Auto


Some Rigans work with the regular driving of the city. As you acknowledge the culprit, sometimes the rush does not pay for parking in a paid parking lot.

A few months ago, the owner of the windshield saw a red receipt with the logo "Rīgas satiksme".

The man found the blame and decided to pay the penalty immediately.

The fine was € 20.40 and the document is written at the bottom. If the wheel is not blocked and the offender is not abusive and regular, a lighter penalty may be applied. Pay only within two weeks.

The driver took advantage of this opportunity and at night, through the internet bank, checked the "Riga Traffic" account for the indicated 16 euros.

A month later, the man received a letter from the company with a declaration of punishment without paying, but the driver, thinking it was a mistake, did not pay attention to him.

"Another letter came in a month later, a new warning of the four pending euros, and a further 20 euros as a fine for that amount. That was the second penalty for the four pending euros. I was interesting and called this singer, picked up a girl that asked Why did I pay 16 euros in advance? She replied that she had not fully read the terms. There was a note that payment was not made through the bank, but using parking or SMS messages or settling in the service center "Rīgas satiksme", but It does not count as a payment through the bank, "says the driver.

In a telephone conversation with a representative of the "Conventus" debt collection company, the driver asked: from the remaining 4 euros, the penalty could increase dramatically.

"So I asked why not four euros, but already 24 euros? They responded – since it was not worth it, this is another double penalty. I wonder why?" The woman replied that based on the law. "

The man was not willing to argue and paid the total amount.

In general, a small mistake in the car park in the center of Riga cost him almost 40 euros.

Alexander thinks that his case is not the only one, and with his example he wants to stand out to other drivers, if you pay a penalty, so to speak, "at a discount" to read all the rules, also in small print.

The issue has decided to ask why the company "Rīgas satiksme" implemented a system, when the payment of penalties in a small amount does not work with bank transfers, because after all – the money remains money, regardless of the type of settlement.

& # 39; & # 39; At the moment, the company's lawyers are working to liquidate through the internet bank by transferring the amount of money – it is currently in the process of development. People can use the RS application or pay in place on prepaid vending machines, "explains the company's representative.

The company representative invites you not to ignore the warning letters when explaining what happened.

After receiving it, it is imperative that people contact the company not to enter the same situation as the driver in question.

In turn, get in touch with the debt collection company and ask why the driver had to settle such a large amount of debt debtors and how he formed: a formal response was received.


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The Bell Burak Ozgvit became a father


At 13:30, Turkish actress Vahriya Afgan gave birth to the wife of Burak Ozgvit, known as Kamal after his performance in "Blind Love", his son Karan.

Karan saw the light in the American Private Hospital in Turkey: her birth weight was 3 kg 670 g and 52 cm long.

So far, Burak and Faher have not published the photo of their son Karan: some Turkish newspapers have said they will not post any information about their child's life or details until they want it and they will agree on the necessary time together, after a pharyngeal discharge from the hospital .

Other Turkish sites said that Burak was living very happy hours with Karan, and his photos would be published later on their pages.


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The black hole in the photo will have a Hawaiian name


An American linguist named Hawaiian "Powehi" a black hole, which is seen in a historical experiment that was presented this week.

Larry Kimura, Hawaiian language professor at Hilo Hawaii University, invented the title for this space object, said the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper.

The first image of the black hole that was presented on Wednesday was created using data collected by eight telescopes in different parts of the world.

According to this newspaper, "Powehi" means "dark abyss adorned" or "decorated with a dark source of endless creation." This word is taken from Kumulipo, the Hawaiian hymn of the eighteenth century on the creation of the world. "Po" means a deep source of deep dark creation, and the word "wehi", which means something adorned, describes the song "after" the song.

"The honor of naming the first scientifically proven black hole is very important to me and my Hawaiian origin, starting with" after ", says Kimura's statement.

According to astronomers, the Hawaiian name is justified because two Hawaiian telescopes were used for the project.

"As I said, I did not get out of the chair," said Jessica Dempsey (Jessica Dempsi), Deputy Director of the James Clerks Maxwell telescope (James Clark Maxwell) at the Mauna Kea Observatory.

Dempsey was one of the 200 scientists whose efforts resulted in the huge black holes of the M87, almost 54 million. light years from Earth.

According to the astronomer, the name "Powehi" coincides perfectly with the explanations given by scientists to Kimura.

"We describe what we have seen: this black hole shines and shines the darkness that surrounds it. At that moment it invented the name," he said.


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