Wednesday , January 20 2021

Briton Lee Westwood ran onto the field in the shoot

The pressure finally came to Oosthuizen, who needed a miracle at the last. It fell dramatically when you did not lose the fairway, well way. He then tried a miracle shot that demanded that his ball miss the lip of the adjoining path of the car, somehow threw the trees in close proximity, before clearing the fairway, the lake and the incline to a hidden 18th green pine.

His ball did not overtake the first obstacle.

"It could kill someone in that second shot," he said about the shot that hit the car of the race and went through it before resting beside an impromptu post. He recorded a double bogey six in the last, which left the third behind Garci'a.

"If I had an advantage and did it, then it would be a different story. I will be overcome really. I played well. I will do many birds and do a good race." Westwood played very well. I was pushing hard. The putt I lost the 17 hit the wind of my candles, "said Oosthuizen.

In addition to an opening round 64, García adopted a conservative approach around the demanding course.

The great move in the last morning was Li, but he did not win in the closing holes and had to settle for an impressive yet 65. Chris Paisley Englishman scored eight birdies in his 67th round.

Westwood named the main prize and a check of $ 1.25 million, making it the maximum beneficiary in the history of the event.

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