Tuesday , October 19 2021

The California man shows a remarkable recovery less than a year after the facial transplant


On January 6, Cameron Underwood was expelled from the NYU Langone Health operating room at the end of a 25 hour surgery to replace his lower face damaged by the skin, tissue, bone and teeth of a donor.

Now, just 11 months later, Underwood, aged 26, healed heavily and is in excellent health. Like all transplant patients, you will need to stay in the medication against rejection for the rest of your life, but your team of specialist doctors enchants with the body's acceptance face to face so far.

"We are delighted that Cameron is responding so well to the transplant," said Dr. Bruce Gelb, MD, a hospital transplant surgeon, in a statement. "Our team has established a protocol of patient correspondence and patient with successful donation and a regime of immune suppression that we consider to provide the best results for our patients because the risk of rejection and toxicity is minimized."

The extensive Underwood facial lesion was the result of a self-inflicted firing event in June 2016. Shortly thereafter, the Yuba natives, California, underwent a series of reconstructive surgery, but despite the best efforts of plastic surgeons, it was with a deformed lower face than It lacked a nose, most of the lower jaw and everything but a tooth.

By erasing the approval process in a record time, the NYU face transplant program, led by Dr. Eduardo Rodríguez accepted Underwood's case and added to the organ donation waiting list throughout the country in July 2017. In another coup of good fortune, he found himself only six months after Underwood entered the waiting list. Many recipients await years for an adequate match.

William Fisher. Fisher courtesy family

The new face was donated by William Fisher, a 23-year-old man who lived in Manhattan and studied at Johns Hopkins University. He has been registered as an organ donor since his adolescence, according to the press release. After Fisher's mother gave her consent for the transplant, Fisher's lowest face was transported to Langone and Underwood and her family walked to the east coast – before the snow storm "cyclone bomb" that comes with help of air ambulance services.

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