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The new Honda HR-V Sport has 1.5 turbo-turret hearts of 1.5 liters …


Honda in Europe unveiled its new HR-V Sport, which has the desire of a turcocharged 1.5 liter VTEC gasoline engine and has upgrades to its chassis and suspension.

This four-cylinder engine, of course, is also used in Civic, although this latest configuration in the HR-V generates 134 kW (compared to the 127 kW offered in the SA-Civic spec).

Equipped with a standard six-speed manual gearbox, the maximum torque is 240 Nm (between 1 900 and 5000 r / min), while going to the optional CVT, the figure drops to 220 Nm (between 1 700 and 5 500 r / min).

The HR-V Sport (which is based on the facelifed model) is equipped with what Honda describes as "Performance Damper" technology. The shock absorber system is integrated in the front and rear and works to counteract the lateral and torsional movement relative to the chassis. The Japanese company says that it keeps the car flat through the corners, improves stability during sudden changes of the lane and reduces vibration by irregular roads.

The address configuration, on the other hand, is equally exclusive to this derivative, using a rack-and-pinion arrangement with variable power power, complemented by Honda's "Agile Handling Assist" technology.

Exterior style updates include a high-gloss black chrome panel on the front (replacing the dark chrome of the standard model) and a black honeycomb finish for the front grille, a treatment that transforms into the contours of foglamp.

Also included are a thin frontal divider, side skirts, wheel arch frames and a more aggressive rear bumper (all finished in black), along with side mirror black lids, double exhaust pipes and 18-inch alloy wheels specific for or model

Inside, you will find new seats for the driver and front passenger, offering "improved support."

While the production of the new HR-V Sport is scheduled to begin in December 2018, local availability has not yet been established.

Article written by Ryan Bubear

Ryan Bubear

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