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Thorisa Themane's murder case postponed due to sixth detention – The Citizen

The case against six suspects arrested for the murder of Thorisa Themane was postponed on Thursday for seven days.

The delay was caused by a sixth teenager detained overnight.

A police spokesman revealed that there are more people who should be arrested in the middle of news that a sixth teenager was detained in connection with the murder of Thorisa Themane and appeared among those who appeared in the court of the Polokwane Magistrate court.

Another arrest was made Wednesday night, according to police spokesman Limpopo, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, speaking with News24.

The murder of the 27-year-old victim, Thoriso Themane, presumably by Capricorn High School students in Limpopo, surprised the country because the videos of the murder circulated in social networks and one of the suspects presumed that his father, a policeman they would protect it.

Ngoepe confirmed yesterday that Polokwane police were investigating a murder case in Flora Park, a leafy suburb near the central business district of Polokwane, during the weekend.

As reported by the police, the man came discussing with a group of students who were at school on the weekend.

The students then allegedly brutally attacked him, throwing stones and dragging him to a public highway, while several recorded videos and jokes cracked during the raid. The bloated and bloody man was discovered by the drivers who called the police.

According to the police records, the attack took place on Sunday at 9:50 p.m.

One of the residents of Flora Park, who said that his son was a student at the school, said parents were concerned that only some of the students, who had no ties to the powers they were in the local police station, were called to interrogate

It was after it emerged that the father of a suspect assassin in the group was a senior policeman.

"We want all identified children to have participated in the assault and death of man to be called and ashamed. Otherwise, justice will not be used in this matter, because only the people are treated with velvet gloves and the poor and the lesser known in a different way, "said the woman, speaking the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Ngoepe said five students aged 15 to 17 were arrested initially and other arrests would be determined by the results of the investigations.

Political parties gathered outside the court of the Polokwane magistrate on Thursday where the six teenagers appeared.

The father of 27-year-old victims, Mahlapahlapana, said he now regrets bringing his son what he described as a cruel world.

He said it was painful to think that his son would bury him, but now he is the one who has to bury his son.

"We are glad that you know the Lord in your teen years, even if you had your own weaknesses. But God's grace has begun for you … I will find myself there," he said, speaking to the news channel eNCA.

"I'm sorry I brought you to a vicious world like this and forgive what happened to you."

He, however, apologized to the petitioners.

Meanwhile, political parties and other groups gathered outside the Polokwane court claiming the death of "without sense" by Themane.

The DA asked for hard sentences for the authors, as a lesson for others.

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