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True Prince Charles is an addict to the job that falls asleep at his table, "says Prince Harry

Prince William wants his working father to spend more time with his grandchildren, reveals the documentary that marks the 70th anniversary of Charles.

The Prince of Wales is described as a "great" grandfather who will spend hours crawling on the floor and making silly voices with his little grandchildren and grandsons.

But the prince may be distracted because he is so dedicated to his work, to the extent that his children say that he sometimes falls asleep with the documents that he is reading attached to his face, informs Daily Mail.


Asked if his father has "the time to be grandmother on top of everything," William responds carefully.

In recent years, Charles has said privately that he has not seen most of his grandchildren as the Middleton family, a claim that his agents have always fired furiously.

But his eldest son makes it clear that he would like to have more "family time" with his father.

William says, "It's something I've been working harder, I said it like that. I think I have time for it, but I'd like it to have more time with my children.

"Now it has reached its 70th year, it is a perfect time to consolidate a bit because, as most families would do, you are worried about having it there and making sure your health is well. And it is the most apt man I know but just like I want to be in shape until I'm 95 years old.

"So, having more time with him at home would be lovely and could play with the grandchildren.

He told Charles that he expressed in private his frustration that he did not see most of his grandchildren as the Middleton family. Photo / Getty Images
He told Charles that he expressed in private his frustration that he did not see most of his grandchildren as the Middleton family. Photo / Getty Images

"Because when it's there, it's brilliant. But we need it there as much as possible."

Camilla adds: "He'll go down and track with them for hours, you know how to make funny noises and laugh, and my grandchildren adore, they love completely. He reads Harry Potter and can do all the different voices and I think children they really appreciate that. "Assistants say Charles could not be more proud of being a grandfather.

The prince happily shows the documentary crew of an arboretum that he plants for his elder grandson in Birkhall, his Scottish house, which he calls "George's wood."


Referring to his passion for the environment and a long-term campaign to highlight the dangers of climate change, Harry reveals that his father still can not help "beat the drum" even when he feels with his children for dinner.

He says to his brother: "You know how frustrated it receives. But he did a surprising job, and without telling us what he should do or the direction we should enter, it only lets us learn from the nature of the work, learn from it, learn from the mummy ".

The show reveals how Charles would take his children to garbage collection when they were on vacation with him.

He also went through some of his other features.

Harry reveals: "It's a stickler to turn off the lights.

Prince Carlos and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Photo / Getty Images
Prince Carlos and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Photo / Getty Images

"And now it's something I'm also obsessed with, that's crazy because my wife really is surely going" Well why turn off the lights? You know it's dark. "

"I'm going" We only need a light, we do not need like six, "and suddenly it becomes a habit and the small changes that it is doing, each person can do. And I think that it is one of the Keys lessons, certainly I felt that he taught us" .

William agrees, adding: "I know I have serious OCD in the light switches now that it is terrible.

"He makes his life the way he defends. He has done much to the heart of criticism much when he was younger."


If there is one thing over which the prince's family agrees, it is their desire – not to ever listen to it – to make it slower.

Harry calls: "There is no need to slow down, this is a ridiculous dinner man late at night.

"And then he goes to his table later that night and will numb his notes to the point where he will wake up with a piece of paper stuck to his face."

William agrees, saying: "It has a surprising personal discipline. So he has – and he has been frustrated a lot in the past – has a routine.

"The only way to fit all this is that things have to be shared. The man never stops.

Prince Carlos can be distracted because he is so dedicated to his work. Photo / Getty Images
Prince Carlos can be distracted because he is so dedicated to his work. Photo / Getty Images

"I want to say that when we were children there were bags and suitcases and work bags that the office sent. We could hardly come to your table to say good night."

The Duchess of Cornwall says he tried to encourage her husband to "accelerate" but acknowledges that he is too much engaged in taking note.

She grumbles: "My father told me once:" As you get older, you have to do something and that is the rhythm. "And I would like to tell you the pace, but I fear that it will not happen."


Charles perfectly summarizes how his life was drawn in front of him, with a surprising matter in fact.

He says: "When my mother succeeded and became Queen when the grandfather died so young, at age 57, he ended up being heir to the throne at four years."

And yet his wife says that it is a lightweight weight.

Asked if the crown is something that he often thinks, Camilla says: "No, I do not.

"I think your destiny will come, you always know what's going to come and I do not think you even think about your shoulders."

When he asks himself if he is something that speaks, the duchess responds: "Not much, no. It's just something that will happen."


Asked to give a message to the prince on his birthday, his children are quick to answer.

Harry laughs: "Cear before is my message to him. I would like to encourage him to remain optimistic because I think it can be very easy to disarm and negative.

"However, we hope that their children and their grandchildren and, fortunately, the grandchildren, can obtain energy from the family side and continue with their leading role."

William adds: "I am very pleased that he did 70. You know if you ask if the work is done, it is not.

"But more than anything, I would like to see his passions and interests and the things he campaigned to achieve to fully comply with him. He did not even come to the point that his natural progression should be done, that is, to be a monarch. You know he still has his job to do. "

Prince, son and heir – Charles at 70 is at BBC One at 9 in the evening.

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