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A smart mattress that records your sexual activity and even trains you. – 01/31/2019

Artificial intelligence is applied today to more and more things that surround us in everyday life. Pay with your phone until your car can park for yourself. Now, too, a smart mattressCalled SmartPik, which is characterized by evaluate sexual activity and even evaluate it with a rating

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According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, the Spanish company Geeksme has developed a technology that allows users have a record of your sexual activity in the range of Pikolin mattresses. But also, Analyze and improve the quality of your rest.

The solution is to mattress, bracelet and an application called SmartP! K, available for both iOS and Android. Once the mattress is installed, it is synchronized with the bracelet to start designing all the activity information that is carried out.

Above all, this unusual mattress has four modes of use. The mode of love, the most prominent and totally optional, makes an analysis of caloric intake and heart rate during sexual activity. To have this information available, you just have to activate the wristband, like when you are in a gym.

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To all this, the data collected during the act will be evaluated, but it will not be marked. To avoid harmful susceptibilities, The mattress will indicate the result through the figure of an animal. You can see a shark, the most ardent, toucan or flamenco. There are 12 in total.

The application also has the mode of activity, which shows all the physical activity of the user outside the mattress; the mode of suspension, which allows the follow-up of the different stages; and the Coach mode, which provides information to the user to improve the quality of rest based on their lifestyle.

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