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Cerebral palsy: a dear former participant of "Materia de peso" died

April 10, 2019

This weekend a deceased who participated in the "Weight Question" died in the last time he had a great weight gain.


In 2013, Carlos Vicente Sinópoli, known as "Charly", began his participation in "Weight matter"Looking for a change in his life since his weight limited him to living different things. The truth is that his presence generated great controversies as he admitted that he had different addictions and his behaviors fell bad to his classmates.


Then, in 2016, it was announced that he was involved in the crime. He was arrested in San Justo accused of robbery and hurt after a search. Now he served as a domestic arrest when he suffered a heart attack in his house this weekend, he was 31 years old. In the last time, he would have gained a lot of weight and this could be the cause of death. His body had to be removed from the house with the help of firefighters.


"I discovered that Charly died of Materia de peso, Carlitos, my classmate of all the primary school, poor boy, that terrible destiny. We were born the same day of the same year and was impressed," said a neighbor of the boy on the death by Charly.

It's not the first time the tragedy has come "Weight matter"In 2008, Juan Videla lost his life after weighing 400 kilos. In 2017, the same end was Valeria García, one of the participants she had with her twin sister. She was run over and could not attend to her as they owed, due to her great weight.


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