Tuesday , June 22 2021

Diario Uno – River played his last letter so that Gallardo could be in La Bombonera

River played his last card so Marcelo Gallardo could be in La Bombonera for Saturday's match against Boca. The club presented an appeal to Conmebol asking the coach to attend the stadium and it is expected that Thursday night or Friday get an answer, although in Núñez it is known that it is difficult to receive a "yes".

In the event that the answer is negative, Gallardo will see the game at the concentration of the Monumental with Enzo Francescoli, club sports director.

The DT millionaire has been suspended for four games and even the first one is prohibited from attending the stadium. For the remaining three games the impediment is to enter the field and replace the substituted bank.

Photo: Fotobaires

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