Thursday , July 29 2021

Important breakthrough for the production of lithium in Jujuy

Exar Mining S.A. yesterday opened its first production group at Salaro Olaroz-Cauchari, located in the department of Susques, south of Puna Jujeña, as part of the evaporitic process to obtain lithium carbonate, according to their managers.

"The contribution of Jujuy to the lithium triangle formed by Argentina, Chile and Bolivia is very important and is a central step to change the productive matrix in the province and taking into account the change that the global energy matrix has," he said. the governor Gerardo Morales, to allow the construction next to the president of Exar, Frank Mignacco.

The well-opened yacht is 2 kilometers long and 300 meters wide and with a filling capacity of 1.9 meters of brine. "There will be a production of great magnitude and as planned, it will be the most important of Jujuy and the country," said the president. "Lithium, mining, renewable energies, tourism, among others, are the fundamental pillars of this great change in the productive matrix," said Morales.

Exar, owner of one of the most important salt mining areas, works with energy efficiency for the lithium concentration that is manufactured by solar and wind evaporation.

On the other hand, the minister of Mining of the Nation, Carolina Sánchez, emphasized that the mining activity of lithium "has a strong impulse in the country where Jujuy is taking advantage of its potential to develop it".
In this context, he said, "there is a demand for the world market of lithium in the form of lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide or lithium chloride, not only for the manufacture of batteries but also for other uses, so the challenge will also be to power put the product ". On the other hand, he said that the establishment of mining companies favors the development of local communities and "means opportunities for the people, which prevents the uprooting and improves its economic conditions."

Exar currently has 180 workers, of which almost half belong to the communities of Pastos Chicos, Huancar, Puesto Sey and Susques, among others, of the department of Susques.

For the president of Exar, Franco Mignacco, the filling of the first group of the company marks "a before and after in the project that went through ten years with many ups and downs, but we got to this point that makes us very proud of everyone." "It is a process that is beginning, and in a few days we will finish building a second well," he added.

The Exar development plan began immediately after announcing its decision to move forward with the Cauchari-Olaroz project with the initial production objective in phase 1 of 25,000 tpa and with an expansion for stage 2 of 25,000 tpa.

Current authorities have estimated that in the first half of 2020, Exar will produce and sell lithium carbonate, especially for the lithium battery market.

Exar S.A. is a joint venture that belongs to Lithium Americas (62.5%) and Ganfeng Lithium (37.5%).
The project operated by a public-private partnership, where the state-owned company Jujuy Energía Mining S.E. (JEMSE) participates with 8.5%.


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