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Juana Viale complained about a note from Guido Kaczka – 11/11/2018

They are hectic days for Juana Viale, which comes from starring a cross with Julia Mengolini. Now he added a surprise of rage with Guido Kaczka after an interview that the driver gave him for his radio series Not everything was said (The 100)

The granddaughter of Mirtha LegrandWho is promoting your movie? Sinuous road, just released, visited the cycle Half and a half (Radio Metro 95.1) e He discharged his discomfort with Kaczka.

"Everybody's worst interview was that I did with Guido Kaczka, which I did on the radio, did not ask me anything about the movie, "said Juanita, annoyedly adding the irony:" At first, he told me "sinuous way of life" and never asked me anything about the movie. , a friend ".

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale in the premiere of the film

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale in the first premiere of the movie "Sin Camino". (Photos: Movilpress)

So, the actress counted on the effort she made to arrive at the time of the interview: "I came to a trip, fourteen hours on the flight, I left Ezeiza directly to make the note, because it was recorded, so I do not know if you can say it, that the program was recorded … And nothing left me like a plop! "

He even reported another moment of discomfort that he lived with a slogan that the driver proposed: "I spoke to Joan in the third person, it cost me a lotI'm not Maradona and I made the mistake of saying "I" instead of "Juana". I do not know, it was weird. "

Finally, when asked if he could talk to Kaczka about this situation, Juana explained that he was surprised not to dare ask the driver about his attitude. "I came out and said how crazy it is that they say yes, they are going to talk a bit about the movie, that clearly the artists help us a lot with the dissemination and then nothing happens

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