Tuesday , July 27 2021

Jujuy Jiménez talked about the night he met Juan Martín del Potro: "He took me to my house and …"

Super relaxed, the model spoke of the rumor of romance with the tennis player: how did he face it? There were kisses? and who spoke for messages?

Jujuy Jiménez spoke in depth about Juan Martín del Potro

Less than a week after the eruption of the version of his alleged romance Juan Martín del Potro, Jujuy Jiménez visited Los Angeles in the morning and told the details of his meeting with the tennis player on the album Tequila the last weekend.

"It's fun to talk about the novel when I met him that day," he said after the commotion generated by the images that showed them talking closely.

So she said that it was Del Potro who was looking for her in the bowling alley: "I went with my friends. He grabbed me, heal me and started talking because we have a friend in common, Manu, who is from Tandil. We started the conversation there. ..) I went to have fun with my friends, I danced all night and I suddenly felt a fibrous arm that grabbed me"He said laughter.

"He took me to my house and stayed there, a knight, no, he did not come to my house, it was 5 o'clock"

"We do not follow in networks and we do not follow. It does not follow anyone. I am obviously not going to lie. The next day I started to see," admitted, super relaxed.

And he said: "We talk about what you can talk about in a bowling alley. He told me that he had seen me at Dancing, he was fine, he was very relaxed. No one makes any harm to anyone, we are the two singles."

When asked if he left with Juan Martín of the bowling alley, Jujuy said something uncomfortable: "I was not alone with him, I went with him and his friends. I felt with my friends from Jujuy, because they are people who are relaxed, people. He took me to My house and stayed there. A knight No, he did not go into my house. They already had about 5 in the morning. "

"I think it's a super attractive guy, I love being so loud, you can say that it's good people, I loved that everyone would take a good wave to the couple but I do not know what could happen"

Of course, she laughed nervously when asked if "there was chape": "I will not say … I can not say more than that, we had a good time, there is nothing more to count."

But he acknowledged that the conversation continued after the bowling alley: "We talked Monday after all that was said. Let's kill us to laugh at everything they said." Have you found each other? "Let's see … flow. It would be good. I think it's a super attractive guy, I love being so tall, you can say that it's good people. I loved that everyone had a good wave on the couple, but I do not know what's going to happen."

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