Wednesday , October 20 2021

Julia Mengolini crossed very hard for Ronnie Arias and Juana Viale on Twitter: "They are so gross that it's shameful"


The journalist opposed the statements by the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand in relation to feminism, and accused the journalist of spreading lies.

Julia Mengolini crossed very strong for Ronnie Arias and Juana Viale on Twitter:
Julia Mengolini crossed very hard for Ronnie Arias and Juana Viale on Twitter: "They are so gross that it's shameful"

The expression of Juana Viale of his position on feminist militancy led to an unusual and strong controversy in that Julia Mengolini He came out to cross it Ronnie Arias. Everything originated within the framework of an interview with the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand with Infobae in which he summarized his way of thinking through a tweet: "I do not believe in equality, saying that we think that it corresponds, neither make us hear, nor affirm your values, it does not make you feminist …".

In another note with that same medium, Arias reflected: "I am scared by the feminists who go and hunt at the door of the Church because it is ridiculous … What do you protest? I am afraid of those who burn a dog because I was a But I think the woman It deserves, without a doubt, its place, not on one side but on the front, because the world is a matriarchy: the one that supports the family is the woman. "

After a while, Mengolini exploded against Juanita and added Ronnie to his defense, although he did not interfere with them in any of the cases: "Juanita Viale is not feminist because we are all different" and Ronnie Arias complains about burning a dog in Trelew. so gross that it is shameful, and worst of all is that they are great, they are thousand years in advance of their ignorance. "While Viale opted for silence, Arias replied:" I love you to do the usual snippets and I say … E what does the person talking does not use is not used, what? #After ".

Furiously, the journalist talked about false news (false news) that settled on social networks that said that in the national women's meeting held in Trelew in mid-October, some militants had set up a church on fire and that same fire caused death of a dog: "Ronnie, the truth, instead of attacking me, could apologize for reproducing the brutality and lie we burned a dog. It's about getting some information. And he talks to me back because I do not know what tweeting the code Does it oblige us to talk about feminism? It looks like a Calabrian from the last century! "

The truth is that after a while Ronnie Arias He admitted his mistake and retweeted a user who warned him of the falsity of the incinerated animal.

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