Thursday , October 28 2021

Sol Pérez told him about the privacy of his dates with players from the river and Boca and treated the runners of the rats


No one was saved! Sol Pérez talked with Marcelo Tinelli, before the Libertadores final, about the appointments he had Players from Rio and Boca and treated all players of "captured" and rats.

"Soccer players are halfway, and was caught by Magallan?"Marcelo wanted to know when the player admitted that he did not want to know anything about Boca defender, that his current partner was not on the ground, that all the players are "some rats" and that he once left a soccer player whose only goal was to be a millionaire

The panelist denied Exequiel Palacios, but he remembered that "There was a very famous river player who, when he had to give me a gift, brought the clothes of the exchange they gave him."

"Soccer trousers?"Tinelli asked surprised.

Sun nodded and said they were "Those things, for example, a woman's brand shoe that has sponsored them … Football players are, they are rats, I've been very much invited".

"With this, he gave me the valleys, but he never took me to dinner … For example, a voucher to go to dinner, he could never and when we were going, the voucher was due and I ended up paying", Sun closed

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