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The FedEx messenger company presented a robot to deliver pizzas and drugs at home

The courier company FedEx On Wednesday the "SameDay Bot", a robot designed to carry out Deliveries of products at home, and explained that he already has talks with, among others, a chain of pizzerias and another of pharmacies for this purpose.

The American firm defined the "SameDay Bot" as one "autonomous delivery device created to help traders deliver their customers on the day of the order and the last minute", and clarified that it will be in any case local operations within a limited radius.

Between companies that already have conversations FedEx To explore the uses of the robot are the pizzeria Pizza Hut, the pharmacy Walgreens, supermarkets Walmart e White, the store specialized in construction material Lowe & # 39; s and the seller of parts and spare parts for automobiles Selfconference.

The company explained during the presentation of "SameDay Bot" that, on average, More than 60% of customers in these establishments live in a radius of 5 kilometers compared to the store's location, that in your opinion "Show the opportunity for distribution at the local level".

The robot consists of a white box with the FedEx logo made in four wheels and with two other support wheels at the end of two mechanical arms, as well as several cameras and other sensors on the top of the box.

According to the company, the "SameDay Boot" was designed to move "safely" on the sidewalks and roads in relation to signs and traffic standards, giving priority to humans and able to operate on unpaved surfaces, as well as climbing stairs and borders.

FedEx, one of the largest courier companies in the world, joins Amazon and several startups that are also experiencing or even putting in circulation similar robots for shipments.

One of the first and most popular of these robots is the Kiwibot, from the Colombian company Kiwi, which for months has been circulating on the streets of the city of Berkeley (California, USA), carrying snacks and drinks to deliver, in most cases, to students of the University of Berkeley.

Last December, one of these beautiful robots equipped with a digital "face" that reproduces human expressions, burned during one of their trips across the campus, which generated great commotion among the students, who even devoted a place of wake Your memory with flowers and candles.

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