Thursday , October 28 2021

They found him dead, naked, handcuffed and gagged on his Chronic bed


A 35-year-old man was found dead in his house in the southern part of Rosario, tied by hand and foot, naked and with a ribbon around the head, eyes and mouth. The victim was identified as Ricardo Martín Gallozo And he would die of suffocation.

The preliminary hypothesis of the case indicates that the perpetrator of the crime would be a known person and that the reason would be robbery, since it was discovered that several objects were missing.

The body of Gallozo was in a bed in the house where he lived with a friend. According to the first information, it was only his home-mate who found the macabre painting.

The house where the bloody episode happened (The Capital).

Daniel He told the police that, at the end of his workday, about 2 years ago, he returned home and found Gallozo in his room without vital signs and tied his legs and arms in bed. I was naked and with a ribbon around my head, my eyes and my mouth.

The first test of the doctors established that the body did not have a visible injury, reason why it was suspected that the death would be asphyxiated. In any case, the precise causes of death will be established at the autopsy.

Daniel said that the victim was gay and that when he arrived at home, he met who would be the casual partner of Gallozo, a man named Andres, who did not know more data.

According to the witness, this person has hair with dreadlocks, it is dark and he used a black and red backpack and a yellow bag. Daniel also stated that Andres had planned to meet with Gallozo in the same house around 7:00 PM.

The owner of the house also stated that there were lost objects of the victim, such as a notebook, home keys, a mobile phone A6 and the keys of the motorcycle. The doors were not broken.

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