Tuesday , July 27 2021

Were they infidels? The suggestive comment of Mica Viciconte after the separation of Nicole Neumann

Between rumors of separation of Nicole Neumann, Vicica Mica He launched a suggestive commentary on what he meant to be the employer Matías Tasín I would have been mistaken in the model.

According to Rodrigo Lussich, in detail ConfrontedNicole would be depressed because her boyfriend he planted his birthday to go to celebrate Halloween with his friends in Miami and was not present at the celebration of the model.

Last Saturday, Mauro Szeta got married and Nicole confirmed her presence. However, that same afternoon, hours before the party, called his companion Cortá de Lozano to explain that he would be absent because he was depressed by separation.

"At the last moment, she apologized and she exploded that she was depressed, crying at home and told her she wanted to stay alone looking at the series", informed Lussich, and also explained the reason for the crisis between Nicole and Tasin. "He loves the night, he wants girls, he wants to get up, he does not want commitment, and all this has generated the end of the relationship. Nicole wants to start a family again, the cover with the new boyfriend and his daughtersthe journalist explained.

"They had a planned trip after the anniversary of Nicole, when he received a call for him saying that he was leaving the country, he planted his birthday, left alone and went to Miami because He was the Halloween party and all his friends were there", explained the driver.

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On the other hand, Mica Viciconte He made a spicy comment on Monday night during the Dance sentence 2018 after Marcelo Tinelli talked about the separation of Nicole and Tasin.

"Yes, everything is known, a lover"They laughed the couple from Fabián Cubero. Given the uncertainty of the driver for the contestant's response to the contest, he continued: "Everything is known, because everyone is known to everyone. "Oh, yes, he came with another." It's quite a mile & # 39;"

Nicole Neumann, meanwhile, did not confirm or denied the break with Matías Tasín, but made a private publication on Instagram Stories. "Your actions show what your heart is doing", say the image that he shared on the social network.

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