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Anger games sued for discrimination based on sex

"Riot Games" was prosecuted by a current employee and a former employee and was accused of "discrimination due to endemic genres and the promotion of a" first-time "environment.

As reported by Kotaku, the demand follows another investigation by Kotaku that has deepened in a sexist culture in Riot Games, the publisher of titles like the League of Legends.

The action-class trial filed against Riot Games states that "like many of the female employees of Riot Games, the plaintiffs were refused to pay the same and found their raffia races because they are women. In addition, the plaintiffs also found that their conditions of Work negatively affected because of continuous sexual harassment, misconduct and biases that predominate in the sexually hostile work environment of Riot Games. "

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Riot "violated the California Law of Equality and the law against discrimination on grounds of gender in the workplace" and the employees involved are seeking "compensation for unpaid wages, damages and other penalties, with an amount exact that will be determined judgment ".

Kotak's report in August described a culture of sexism in Riot and told the story of 28 current and former employees dealing with a "bro culture" that "in some cases rewards behavior that disables women."

Following the Kotaku report, Riot Games responded to the accusations and stated that they have a "zero tolerance policy on discrimination, harassment, retaliation, intimidation and general toxicity."

Continue your message Twitter and said that "they would share the immediate and long-term actions that we are taking to promulgate a real change for women in the disorder."

While Riot seemed to have eliminated many of the people involved in the creation of this sexist culture, according to several and former Riot employees, there are still a few on board who are "allegedly responsible for abusive behavior," according to Kotaku.

Jessica Negron, one of the two plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said that shortly after she was hired, her director left and assumed the duties of her position, but did not see an increase in her compensation for the job title.

She said that despite speaking and asking for the official change, "three men were hired on paper one after the other," and she was never interviewed or her voice heard.

In addition, Negron stated that "in just one month, he said that his male colleagues at Riot used the word" Dick "more than 500 times," and one of the supervisors of Negron said that "diversity should not be a focal point for Riot design The products of the games because the culture of games is the last safe shelter for white teens. "

The other actor, current employee of Riot Games, Melanie McCracken, has been working on Riot since 2013 and spoke about her experiences with sexist culture and stated that "HR could not keep the meeting confidential and leaked information to his supervisor."

She took a new position in 2015 and her former supervisor was promoted to a senior position in 2016. Next, she said she was "given an account after five months to find a new position or" to be fired. "

Here you can see all the demand.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN and hopes that this will cause some change that should have happened some time ago. You can follow it on Twitter @AdamBankhurst.

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