Sunday , July 25 2021

Devil Immortal Controversy: New Blizzard President responds

Brack said the mobile is a "very significant opportunity" for the Devil, since it is related to the scope of the game and presumably its revenue potential. "In some cases it can be, like what we show with Diablo Immortal, a type of game similar but different and unrelated to the main game franchise."

"I think the focus of Blizzard will always be the delivery of quality games first." Many of them are only being developed internally and we will have information to share in the next. This happened out loud and clear of BlizzCon. Many anecdotal messages from BlizzCon seem to contradict this, with images that show empty lines to reproduce the show and those who played it by noticing that the game seems to be a reduced version of its favorite franchise. "In the early days it was Amigas and Commodore 64, and then Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis."

Of course, just because Blizzard is making mobile games does not mean they're finished creating games for consoles and desktops.

During the controversy flora in progress Immortal Devil, Blizzard Entertainment continues to assure fans that Immortal Devil It will be an exciting and full adventure.

GameSpot got hit Immortal Devil BlizzCon and editor Alessandro Fillari was surprisingly impressed with the game in this initial phase. "For our PC followers, we will still say we still have multiple Devil teams that work in multiple without previous notice Devil projects ".

"Immortal Devil"it looks very good on the phone.

Not only that, but every time there are more people playing games on their phones.

Now, Blizzard's new president, J. Allen Brack (who replaced Mike Morhaime) responded to the drama.

Of course, this is not yet an official announcement that reveals the titles envisaged in the works, which means that Adham could refer to Diablo 4, the Devil 2 or something completely different when it comes to PC fans. Not only that, but Brack said that Blizzard plans to support the game for a while after its release.

The name of Adham fell to the director of the game World of Warcraft, Tom Chilton and Heroes of the Storm / StarCraft the game director Dustin Browder as a couple of people who are now working on new projects for Blizzard.

"I will also say that we have now more new products in development in Blizzard than ever in our history and our future is brilliant," concluded Allen Adham. "But the good thing is coming."

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