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Friday's rugby news – Rugby green and gold


Friday's Rugby News

The latest news of the year sees the drama in the castle, Sevens speaks, an incentive in financing and the dreams that persecute.

"Hired through the World 2"

Credit - Pedro of comments disqus

Credit – Pedro of comments disqus

Hired until the World Cup, he said. You have a plan, he said.

We were 3/3 on the European trip, she said that everything was fine.

Well, now it seems Raelene Castle has had enough In an extraordinary media filter, it reveals that Castle has canceled a phone call Jake White, after the detail of the call was leaked to the media.

Calls Michael CheikaThe head has only been getting stronger and, with the leak of this "secret call", it will only add more fuel to the flames.

Cheik is currently in Europe and expects him to face Rugby Australia when they meet on December 10th.

White frequently talked about being interested in Wallabies superior work He is also a stranger to international success, after training the Boks to a World Cup in 2007 and training the Brumbies to a Super rugby end in 2013

What is even more interesting is the fact that the Rugby Australian belonged to him when he spoke with rugby.com.au.

"Jake White approached Rugby Australia and asked for a conversation," a spokesman confirmed.

"Rugby Australia did not approach him, but agreed to speak with him, but decided not to continue with the call."

It seems to be interesting moments in Moore Park, will arrive on December 10.

The other news of rugby is that we have a last game aligned before the end of the season by 2018.

Out of it Sevens in Dubai, the only other meeting this weekend Barbarians take on or Pumas in Twickenham for 2018 Killik Cup.

Trained by the coach of Springboks Rassie Erasmus, the BaaBaas will host players of predominantly South African origin, with a pair of Australian and Australian players largely played.

Except to see many NRC unconditional there inside, especially the Drua. See the squad here.

All roads lead to Dubai

Charlotte Caslick and Georgie Friedrichs

Charlotte Caslick and Georgie Friedrichs

Things are ready to enter into a total balance this weekend, with the two Mens e Womens World Series Sevens leaving in Dubai

Starting with the girls, (who are already in full swing), the Aussie Womens team enters the second place of the competition in fifth place, after hitting a second behind France, Canada, o USA e New Zealand.

However, the team seems to have some great names to return to the team, with veterans Alicia Quirk Overcome a long-term knee injury. It is configured to be a difficult road although in the desert, with England, beginners China and the United States shares its pool.

"The team has been working very hard from the US Sevens and we are looking forward to playing again," Australian coach John Manenti told Fox Sports.

"Having Alicia back is a great boost for the team, she is an untiring worker in the field and will bring a lot of great tournament experience to our campaign.

"It is great to extend the official improvement of our sevens family of Australian women with two new covers for Lily [Dick] e Sariah [Paki].

"Both players have done very well in recent months with exceptional performances in all Aon University Sevens Series as well as for our development side that won the Sevensian Oceania Championship earlier this month.

"They will bring new energy to the squad for Dubai and await their World Series debut."

Womens Squad: 1. Samantha Treherne, 2. Sharni Williams, 3. Sariah Paki *, 4. Dominique Du Toit, 5. Yasmin Meakes, 6. Evania Pelite, 7. Charlotte Caslick, 8. Lily Dick *, 9. Emma Sykes, 10. Alicia Quirk, 11. McGregor Page, 12. Ellia Green (* points).

On the male front, Dubai marks the first round of the competition, so it is a real case that everything is good for young people.

While the squad is still being blocked, it seems to be notably stronger this year, with experienced players lined up for the selection, including Michael Wells, Henry Hutchinson e Maurice Longbottom (who is returning from injury).

Men will also have an equally strong group, taking into account their likes Japan, Canada and England.

"We have just started the combinations down, very solid, understanding and understanding the way we want to play," said Capt. Lewis Holland at rugby.com.au.

"Moz (Maurice) is always dangerous, he can not prove anything, so it will be a threat this weekend and he trained very well in the preseason.

"With people like Wellsy (Wells) and Hutchy (Hutchinson) returning, they bring a lot of experience through mental and physical (skill), so they will be a great addition."

It will also be the first full season of the coach Tim Walsh, which awaits a great performance.

"It will be a different year this year with the Olympic classifiers, so I am sure that the level of all teams will take a little," he said.

"What is important to us is to prepare without repentance, so make sure we have done everything we can so we can leave the field on Saturday afternoon knowing that we have done everything we can."

Here is the hope that the Sevens season can help many a rugged rugby fan restore their faith in rugby.

Gimme Da Money!

We won the loose change, now to win those notes

Money, money and money !!!

O Government of NSW announced that it promises $ 20 million towards a new one NSW Rugby central excellence, located no University of NSWDaceyville campus.

The construction is planned to begin later this year, with the ease of "taking the game to the modern era".

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Andrew Hore He said the installation would be a new home for the Waratahs, as well as partners of charity, community and research.

"This is not only for a team and high performance," said Hore.

"There are many elements for this building that we see as part of our way of bringing the game to a modern age. The world is changing rapidly and we need to start to think much more about society in Australia. We do not have it now."

During the past twelve months, the Tahs have been working on a set of disassemblies on the campus, after their decision to live in Moore Park in 2016. At this time they also rejected an offer of Rugby Australia The bunker at its headquarters funded by the UTS.

This announcement comes after the government recently helped Cricket NSW Transfer his Moore Park headquarters to the Olympic Park, a move that cost $ 30 million.

"We would be doing this independently [of the Allianz Stadium redevelopment]"Ayres said of the financing announcement.

"[NSW Rugby] I wanted to establish a home as part of its strategic plan and made a conscious decision – long before announcing the full impacts of the SFS remodeling – to go down to Daceyville. "

Hore has almost mentioned that the site will also be focused primarily on playing talent within Sydney, specifically the communities of the Pacific Island.

"We need to make more competitive competitions and have better access so that more rugby people from the first countries have the opportunity to play," he said.

"It's a great way for people of these nations to be part of Australian societies and it will also give us an edge over other sports because often for some of these communities, the family, the church and the rugby club go hand in hand. But first they need competitions to play and we will deliver that ".

Apart from other major developments, the Tahs also confirmed that they are close to signing a large boppa in blockade Le Roux Roets, So wait a little more about Saffa around UNSW.

Time for change

KMP-G & G-SR-Waratahs-Brumbies-3289

Is it that Toni Pulu will wear this jersey next year?

Throughout this year, we were talking about how the players fought in Australia, went to NZ and stood out. I could list a player's clothes here.

However, to end our last story of the year, let's talk about a block called a Toni Pulu, and how did he leave? Chefs to take on a challenge of playing pole Brumbies next year

Pulu admitted, after being in the bosses for four years, his first weeks in the Brumbies colors were a bit disturbing.

"That is the mentality I have. I do not want to do things without being right. I know I have to do the hard courts before reusing the Brumbies shirt," said Pulu to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Pulu pursued a dream to play no World Cup, And you have the crackling hope Wallabies side next year. He is leaving his career late, and had a career in numerous injuries, playing only 31 games in four years.

"It was a tough decision to leave. The bosses are a great team to be part of and I will never forget what they did for me," said Pulu.

"But at the age I am, I needed a change and I thought the Brumbies would be a good fit for me. The Brummies have been playing well in the last two years and if I had the opportunity to put on the shirt, I would take my chance.

However, he has already provided a solid impression on the country's capital and seems to be pushing to taste Henry Speight, Tom Banks, Andy Muirhead e Lausii Taliauli for squad selection. If you have a good season, you could be aligned for the World Cup.

"That is the mentality I have. I do not want to do things without the right. I know I have to do the hard courts before reusing the Brumbies shirt," said Pulu.

"The Wallabies are an aspiration. My main focus in a new franchise is to fit, play as much as I can and if the Australian call comes, I'll be happy.

"I did not play any age group [international rugby]. I was quite late in the development of my rugby skills, so I was lucky enough to get another crack and be here at Brumbies and I'm looking forward to that. "

The fingers crossed their decision to cross the ditch. That's right.

Hello, colleagues of GAGR. Inbound Rant With the end of the season, today marks our last day of news for the year. It was an absolute rollercoaster of a season, full of ups and downs, and I felt six years ago that I started covering the news back in February. However, as always, it has been a lot of fun, and that is because of all those people who take the time to read, comment and support our site.

On behalf of everyone in the GAGR, I would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout the year. We have a fantastic community here that is never afraid to talk and discuss about the game. You are the reason why we return week, week to do what we do, and their support through commitment and donations helps us to maintain the content improvement (as well as allowing us to maintain the maintenance of our super expensive corporate yacht).

While the Wallabies I was horrible, I would especially like to acknowledge the excellent form of our news team. Each of these guys will go over and over with the presentation of this news this year, emerging, for more difficult than the daily stories of rugby. Seeing these guys being developed throughout the year, it was an absolute joy to see and be part of:

  • Our Master of Monday news, Ned Stevens, that besides writing for us also had the luck to take an internship in the Red
  • Our Terrific Tuesday News Writer, Andy Handyside, who has more than fulfilled his name and was more and more committed and always willing to put his hand to support the team.
  • Our Wonderful Wednesday News Writer, Nathan Williamson, which in addition to news also branched to cover the NRC this year.
  • Our Thick-bearded Thursday News legend, Dylan Langes, what about cover NRC He has also been covering the Wallabies across the country this past month and still has time to deliver news from Thursday to time.

I would also like to thank Nick Hartman for all its support throughout the year, and for its help in the development of ours He fired the shot podcasts Cross fingers will have some more of them on the track.

Finally, I decided to take a step further to write the news next year. While the last two years of writing news has been a great fun, now it seems like a good time to give another writer the chance to crack down on it. Make sure that I will be around the scenes of GAGR by helping with podcasts and you will never be able to move away from the NRC.

On behalf of the news team, I want everyone a Merry Christmas and a good and happy year. See all in 2019!

I'm out of the pub.

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