Thursday , October 28 2021

Jackie O and Beau Ryan: the star of KIIS FM assumes the claims of the magazines


JACKIE beat the New Idea and Women's Day for her "disagreeable" claims that Beau Ryan participated in the break up of her marriage.

The star of KIIS FM, who recently confirmed that she separated from her husband, Lee Henderson, after 18 years of marriage, said that none of the claims in the magazines are true and added that he was "offended."

Both magazines cite sources in their most recent editions suggesting that Jackie and Beau, who fills the radio show when Kyle is absent, are more than friends.

half_cameraBeau Ryan fills the Kyle and Jackie O show when Kyle is ill.


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"It was not only that there is an obvious chemistry between the two, but Jackie constantly texts and calls Beau", alleged source Women's Day.

"I completely understood why He was jealous. Jackie vanishes on Beau all the time, and he laughed a lot together. And he was annoyed about Jackie who hears him."

New Idea He alleged that Jackie found the "comfort in the arms" of the former NRL player who had been married to his wife Kara since 2012.

"Beau makes Jac laugh like nobody else." New Idea cited a source

"They have the same sense of humor and it was a sigh of fresh air for her during this difficult time in her life."

At the beginning of his radio show this morning, Kyle asked Jackie if he was aware of the articles in the magazine.

"I already know … of course they told me yesterday," he said before describing statements as "unpleasant."

half_cameraJackie O and Lee Henderson were separated for a while.

Kyle told his producers that they tried that the editors of both magazines could talk on the phone, but Jackie said he had tried and failed.

"I tried, Kyle, they simply ignore it," he said. "They do not want to talk. They do not want the truth. They want to keep going with their own lies."

A dismissal from Kyle described the articles as "absolutely disgusting and miserable journalism" and called them "landed liars."

Later, in the show, Jackie said he was not planning to comment on the claims because he did not want to add fuel to the fire, but later he changed his mind.

"There is a part of me that thinks that nobody thinks that these magazines in any way reason why it is bothered to approach it, but I am conscious that this history implies more people than only me and they are histories done, there is no truth for them" , said. "It is completely false and these types of complaints are really bad for the two families involved in this.

"I would appreciate a call from any of the magazines next to my story, but of course there was no phone call, they ran only with those complaints."

Beau Ryan called the show and said he was assassinated by the paparazzi yesterday who waited for the front of his house and followed him while leaving his daughter in school.

"Surprised us yesterday," said Kyle and Jackie O. "They got pretty scared. The guy was guilty erratically … I had to go and face the guy to get rid of him."

half_cameraBeau Ryan with his wife, Kara.

The news of the separation of Jackie O was published for the first time in The Daily Telegraph where the radio star said that she and her ex are still the best friends.

"Our focus for this next chapter is, of course, our wonderful daughter and continues to provide her love and happiness, together," he said.

Jackie also directed the separation in his radio program and said: "They have separated for quite some time.

"We talk every day on the phone, we all continue to spend a family … I am very proud that we managed to do it amicably."

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