Thursday , September 23 2021

Man scams Adelaide chemist using 'magic trick'

CCTV cameras have captured the moment a man used sleight of hand to pull off a complex scam at an Adelaide chemist.

Footage, provided to Nine News, shows a man walking up to the cashier at the Wayville store with a three dollar bottle of hand soap.

I've gotten a $ 100 note and gets his $ 97 in change.

This is where the scam begins.

The customer then pulls out a handful of notes and coins and asks for the money to be exchanged.

As the young cashier is counting out the money the man confuses them by discreetly slipping bills into his wallet and taking over the counting process, while also pushing more coins across the counter.

The whole exchange took only a few minutes but by the end of it all the customer walked out with an extra $ 50, with the cashier none the wiser.

Ashleigh Scott, one of the employees, told Nine News the man "had it all planned out."

"I knew exactly what he was doing. Buy a cheap item, give a big note, and give out a pocket full of coins when he could have paid with that, "she said.

Manager Vu Vo said that the scam was so quick and rehearsed that it looked like "a magic trick."

Mr Vo feels the scammer targeted at a young staff member on purpose as they are viewed as easier to confuse.

"Coming out into the workforce and experiencing these kinds of things just makes them like more cheated and less trust in other people," he said.


• The customer hands over a $ 100 note and is presented with his $ 97 change.

• He then pulls out a handful of notes and coins and puts in on top of his change, asking the cashier to exchange the money for him.

• The man takes his change and after exchanging a few notes with the cashier grabs the money and takes over the counting.

• As he is counting I subtly folds a couple of notes into the palm of his hand.

• I then tells the cashier that she has not given him enough money and makes her hand over more.

• He leaves with an extra $ 50

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