Thursday , September 23 2021

Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, day three

Bill Shorten has centered much of his address in Sydney today on health, promising $ 40 million in new training programs and scholarships for caregivers and boosting work cancer policies.

"Your tests, your explorations and your ultrasound and magnetic resonances will be covered by Medicare. Your appointments with specialists, your chemotherapy, your radiotherapy, will be covered by Medicare.

"If you are struggling in your life, if someone you love is in the struggle of your life, it does not matter if you live in the city or the shrub. Your zip code should not matter.

"Under work there is only one thing that matters, just one thing that you will need – your Medicare card."

It was a pretty religious weekend for Mr. Shorten.

The Labor leader visited the central coast of NSW yesterday and faced his first city council with voters, then made an appearance at the Royal Easter Show.

Today he went to a demonstration of supporters of the workers in downtown Sydney.

He also announced a plan to reactivate the awareness campaign on "skin cancer," and "has demonstrated its own unusual method to apply sunscreen." You can see it in this video.

The party's candidate for the post, Sam Crosby, started the rally with a bold scandal at the strange moment of Scott Morrison on the campaign rally yesterday, where he greeted an Australian-Korean woman with "ni hao", which means "wave" in mandarin .

"Friends, welcome to Burwood. Welcome to Reid. Or how you like to say the prime minister, that's it! "Mr. Crosby joked.

Give an easy laugh to the kind crowd.

"If we are to win this seat, it will only be as a result of its hard work. It is the soul of our great party," Mr Crosby said to volunteers.

He opened himself on his childhood, revealing that he had been "functionally illiterate" at age eight. The professors told Mr Crosby's parents that he was "nice, but slow."

Her mother did not accept her, and finally it turned out she was dyslexic.

"I was lucky. I had a great mother: I have a great mother. Hello mother. But I was also lucky enough to have a family that could provide these early care," said Crosby.

"There are tens of thousands of students per day every day that do not get it".

Mr. Crosby was followed on stage by Tanya Plibersek, who snatched "Peter Dutton with the heart of pea" for his attack on Labor's candidate in Dickson, Ali France.

"The marking of the scary campaign has been set to 11," said Plibersek.

"What we are getting from the liberals is to lie after lying after lying. The work does not need a campaign of lies because the truth is enough. "

In a brutal cavern in Mr. Morrison, she said that "each time a union leader would take a failed man".

Bill and Chloe Shorten entered the room with an ovation and songs from "Bill!". Bill! Bill! ".

Mr. Shorten was in Reid for two days walking around the Sydney markets and meeting with voters. Their movements are a sure sign that the Labor Party believes that he can take the liberals' seat in the elections.

His current parliamentarian, Craig Laundy, Turnbull's loyalist, retires and Scott Morrison's efforts to hire a high-level substitute fell on his feet. NSW's former police commissioner, Nick Kaldas, and stationer Stan Grant have refused.

Mr. Morrison played defense at Reid yesterday. He visited Strathfield to announce funding of $ 42 million for mental health research, strolling through the streets to meet the locals and make dumplings.

BIZARRE ONION BITE of the Minister

Tony Abbott eat the heart (onion).

Matt Canavan, resource minister, posted a video of himself that took a great old bite of an onion into something that was not seen from the strange Abbott onion snack in 2015.

And your verdict?

"It's not as bad as I thought," he said.


Finance Minister Mathias Cormann faced Sky News on proposals for tax cuts for people with high incomes.

Asked to welcome David Speers, he asked Mr. Cormann how much they would save the high income in tax cuts on the long-term changes proposed in the tax system under the Coalition.

"How much of these 230,000 million dollars in future tax cuts are really going to those who are in the highest income?" Asked Speers.

Mr Cormann replied: "We have a seven-year plan to provide tax relief to working families and prioritized people with low incomes and means."

But the Coalition's plan would also include tax cuts for those who earned more than $ 180,000 within a period of five years, something that the work said will not do.

Cormann continued: "Ask a question about the tax system, wondering if the tax system continues to be progressive."

Speers quickly jumped to say "No, I'm not, I wonder how much of your tax cuts …" before being cut by Mr. Cormann.

"I ask … I wonder," continued Speers and the minister.

"How much of its tax cuts are approached for those who are in the highest income sector, those who earn more than $ 180,000 per year?"

Mr. Cormann replied: "Let me tell you what the answer is. The main revenue of 20 percent continue to pay 60 percent of all income from income tax once our plan is fully legislated.

"5 percent of revenues continue to pay a third."

Again, Speers asked for a figure and Mr. Cormann repeated his statement about the 20 percent most important of the salaried.

"What tax cut are you giving them in dollars?" Asked Speers.

"Well, in terms of dollars, I'm glad to give you more details," he said without providing it.

Speers asked if Mr. Cormann asked if figures from the left Australian Institute that $ 77 billion of tax cuts would benefit those who earn more than $ 180,000.

"I do not accept that figure," he said.


The prime minister was eager to sell the message of his government this morning, but some of the market markets were more interested in exploiting their own products.

As Scott Morrison went hand in hand with the Redcliffe market vendors and stopped taking a photo with the liberal MP's volunteers, Howarth, an entrepreneurial woman took the opportunity to call: "They all come and take their spicy blankets on the plate."

Another woman handed over to his wife Jenny a small pair of Happy Pants, while another took the opportunity to give him some lipstick products.

Mr. Morrison also patted several dogs during his street in Petrie's marginal electorate, although not all of them led to the prime minister. A huge "68 kg" St Bernaud called "mouse" fell under a clothes closet while the prime minister tried to do it.

Another bold resident wished the prime minister before appearing some references to the use of drugs, saying "pull the taco" and then "bong on."

Before, Mr. Morrison had lunch with participants of the PATH program that help young people to work using short practices.

Margaret Weiks, resident of Redcliffe, said she had previously voted for work, but changed in the last elections, voting in place of the liberals Luke Howarth.

"Bill Shorten in my opinion, do not think before you open your mouth and all these little electric cars, let's go there, jump here, bloody electric cars, why do not you set the roads? What are they going to do? Exit a road , especially back, I mean in the center of western Queensland, where will electricity work? What are they going to plug in?

"Why do hospitals not repair?" Is a life more important than an electric car that I thought? "

Mrs. Weiks, an old-age care worker, said her priorities were aged care, hospital funding, and child care, but did not believe Mr. Shorten's promises about hospital financing.

The 69-year-old boy said he had been a life-long labor voter and had lived in the area for 50 years.

She said that he thought Mr. Morrison looked like a "good man" and would vote for the liberal liberal Luke Howarth, although a nation would be a candidate.

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