Tuesday , October 19 2021

Some OnePlus 6T devices are experiencing strange screen problems


Given the great role played by the smartphone screen in our experience and how it depends on it to interact with it, it is safe to say that getting the right view is vital. Unfortunately for some OnePlus 6T users, it seems that they have encountered some problems related to the screen of their devices.

If you see the video above, it shows the display of the OnePlus 6T where, at the end of the video, you will notice a strange / flicker on the screen that apparently goes out of the blue. It is unclear what could be the trigger as users report that it seems that they happen at random.

However, if there is something that most of these users share in common is that they use the facial recognition system or the digital fingerprint sensor on the screen, the problem usually occurs on the lock screen (although it is not always the case). Factory resets do not seem to be able to solve the problem, it seems that this could be a possible hardware problem and not a program.

OnePlus still has no official responses to the reports, but presumably the company is aware of it, but what they think about doing is not clear. However, if you are having a problem of this type, you may be able to try your luck to return it in return.

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