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The doctor's sister talks about the deaths

The sister of Andrew Carll, who allegedly killed his wife in his bed before turning his weapon on himself, whipped his brother in social networks.

Mary Carll, the eldest sister of Rockhampton anesthetist, Dr. Carell, took Facebook last night to ask: "Why does it take?"

Dr Carrel, 58, and his wife, Julie Rush, 49, were found dead in the room of his house in Rockhampton on Monday, minutes after someone made a frenetic call triple-0 after 9:30 p.m.

Emergency services faced a horrific scene in the house of Frenchville, where the police revealed later that it took to eliminate the bodies.

The police did not reveal how the couple died, but confirmed yesterday that a firearm was used on the property.

"The police can confirm that both people seem to have suffered death by firing a firearm," said Sergeant Senior detective Luke Peachey.

Taking Facebook last night, Mrs. Carll revealed that the death of her brother and sister-in-law had been the result of an assault-suicide.

"It seems that my brother killed his pretty wife Julie and then himself," Mrs. Carll wrote.

"Now I am gone from sadness to anger, HOW WILL I RETURN, can you kill yourself, but why does it take?"

They took the police several days to correctly identify Ms. Rush but yesterday's officer confirmed the name of the mother of three.

The police still have to confirm that the man lying next to Ms Rush was Doctor Carll however, it is understood that the man involved in the double shot was her husband.

Ms Rush was an accountant and studied at Central Queensland University.

The couple had three young people, one of whom is still in high school. The police confirmed in a press conference yesterday afternoon that a member of the male family had found the couple in their room.

"Obviously it was a big shock … it is a tragic event at any time that there are two bodies, it's very tragic," said Peachey.

"We are working closely with the family and we will do everything we can to support these people … (the children) are obviously very, very shaken."

Ms. Carll confirmed that the children were being cared for by the family.

"They are like a stunned mullet, like the rest of the family," said Mrs. Carll Daily mail

"I love both, both. I was 17 when I was born, such a sweet child."

Queensland police came down in Rockhampton earlier this week to find out how and why the couple was found dead in their suburban home.

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Police has confirmed that four years ago, forensic experts owned the Frenchville Rd, assisted by homicide detectives who traveled from Brisbane to join the investigation.

The police took care of the house late Monday night after the horrible discovery Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey described as "significant."

"Forensics have been working all night and we have not yet eliminated the bodies of this scene, so it's obvious that it is a very important investigation we are doing at the moment," Sergeant Senior Luke Peachey's detective told reporters.

A QPS spokesman later told news.com.au that "it was not a very good discovery" for emergency services.

The scene of the crime was still active last Thursday, but forensic officers must hand over the police home this morning. The house of Rockhampton will be returned to its relatives.

"Through statements, as well as forensic evidence, we are approaching a closer approach to what happened but until the post-mortem were carried out we will not speculate on any surrounding circumstances," Peachey said.

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