Monday , July 26 2021

Totino's is sponsoring the Fortnite team of 100 thieves

In February, 100 thieves introduced Totino as one of the founding partners of the organization The call of duty crew. Today, Totino's collaboration with 100 Thieves has expanded in several ways.

In addition to supporting the The call of duty Totino's team is associating with 100 thieves. Fortnite players The founder of 100 thieves, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, announced the extension of Totino's collaboration on the YouTube page of the organization in the past. With the new association, these players will move to the Totino World Cup House in Atlanta.

Nadeshot said team house would allow gamers to reach a new level of skill Fortnite. "So that everyone under a roof helps each other to improve week by week and be able to rely on and support each other to push their game, I think this house will be incredible, it will help our team so much," Nadeshot said.

In addition to providing the Fortnite team with a house, Totino sponsors a docu series called "Loot", which will last 10 weeks. The documentary will focus on 100 thieves. Fortnite team that leads to Fortnite World Cup. The event has numerous qualifying rounds for competitors until the World Cup takes place in New York from July 26 to 28.

100 thieves on Twitter

The trip to the Fortnite World Cup begins tomorrow. We are collaborating with @Totinos to present the Totino World Cup House to better support our players and a variety of Fortnite content in the coming months. 40 million dollars in line. Let the games start. # 100T #ad

Lately, 100 Thieves have signed a series of news Fortnite players Ken "Kenith", Sawyer "SirDimetrious", Davis "Ceice" McClellan, Hayden "Elevate" Krueger, "Kyzui" and Maurilio "Cego" Garmajo are tagged with 100 thieves & # 39; Fortnite right now. From now on, it is unknown who will move to the Casa de la Copa Mundial de Totino.

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