Tuesday , January 26 2021

Cloudflare launches new mobile applications

Cloudflare launches Android and iOS applications for its DNS service. With applications, users should not only navigate faster, but also safer.

More network security: Cloudflare now also publishes iOS and Android applications for its alternative DNS service. Only in spring this year, the provider had taken the service in the beginning. Above all, users should be able to protect their privacy better and get a faster browsing speed.

With just one click, the service can be activated or deactivated.

(Source: Google Play Store)

The service prevents, for example, that providers can see which pages navigate the network, according to Cloudflare. This is problematic because some providers would sell the data to the third highest bidder. What could be abused ultimately for user monitoring and promotional purposes.

Without saving this data, Cloudflare does not. However, the provider will promise in April that it will delete the data after 24 hours and use it only for analysis and bug fixes.

DNS (Domain Name System) assigns web requests to associated web pages, which make cryptic IP addresses in understandable domain names. The data obtained can easily draw conclusions about the user's navigation behavior.

The parallel use of VPN services can not be used

The already launched applications are available for free download on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. The operation is very simple. After installation, the application first asks for permission to load a VPN application in the background. For this purpose, the provider emphasizes that other VPN services do not work in parallel.

The user can activate or deactivate the service with just one click. If is active, this indicates a small icon at the top of the screen.

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