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"Dancing Stars": Easter miracle for Petzner

Decision On Friday night, Peter Hackmair and Julia Burghardt had to say goodbye to Dancing Stars. They were after an exciting 5th episode of the show.

Nail-bite Can Stefan Petzner create the miracle of dancing stars? This question was made on Friday night, not just sworn and fan in the dance hall, but also hundreds of thousands in front of the television sets. Yesterday I wanted to impress the jury for the first time and did that too: I kept coming.

In the past, however, Petzner failed with each of his dances and even made a negative record in the jury's points. "Yesterday it was formed for ten hours. It does not work so bad during training, but in the ballroom it always tears me," said Petzner in advance at Fellner! Lives in oe24.TV.

Petzner is also dancing now

But Petzner surprised and obtained praise from the jury for his performance. Petzner is already dancing! Judge Nicole added: "Better than last week," he said about Petzner's progress. The jury's colleague, Dirk, agreed.

Today's concert was with companion Roswitha Wieland, but the head is very high, no matter what it should have come from. Petzner really let the "miracle of the ballroom" come back to reality.

double load But the other couples have been given everything today. For their individual dances, each couple had to put a mambo on the floor as a "double dance". Nicole Wesner and Dimitar Stefanin danced with Peter Hackmair and Julia Burghardt, Stefan Petzner and Rosi Wieland with Lizz Görgl and Thomas Kraml, as well as Michael Schottenberg and Conny Kreuter with Virginia Ernst and Alexandra Scheriau.

Who should win? Vote

Dancing Stars: Who should win?

Virginia Ernst & Alexandra Scheriau

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Lizz Görgl and Thomas Kraml

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Stefan Petzner and Roswitha Wieland

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Michael Schottenberg & Conny Kreuter

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Nicole Wesner & Dimitar Stefanin

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A respite These five couples, who did one more time, can pause for a week, because there will be no show next week due to Good Friday. The next episode of Dancing Stars with Top 5 will be on the ORF on April 26.

Two dances

Because there will be a two-week break, couples must perform two dances in the next show.

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