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Does the coach change in Austria after 0: 2?

Does the coach change in Austria after 0: 2?

Vienna. Two goals from the Salzburg final could cost Thomas Letsch.

Does the coach change in Austria after 0: 2?

Michael Liendl fired Wolfsberg to win over Rapid. Image: gepa

Red Bull Salzburg football champions held a 2-0 win over Wiener Austria on Sunday at the end of the 14th round of the Bundesliga thanks to a strong final offensive. The goals were scored by Xaver Schlager (86 & # 39;) and Takumi Minamino (94 & # 39;), and the Bulls continue to lead the table 12 points before LASK.

Salzburg made in comparison to 5: 2 in the Europa League on Thursday against Rosenborg who made five changes. That is why the police have not gone so well for now. Only after the break, the champion was dangerous and still came to an end. This means that the coach of Austrias, Thomas Letsch, has to shake his seventh place in international rest for his work.

Enthusiasm in Rapids 1: 3

There was great excitement in Wolfsburg AC's win 3-1 over Rapid. The Carinthians only went through a penalty more than controverted by 2-1. Failure could be out of the area. However, the fast coach, Dietmar Kühbauer, did not want to speak in favor of the referee. "It was a deserved defeat, in general it was not enough of us, I wanted a very different appearance, we wanted to provide the point over time, which was punished, how did the defeat at the end (through the whistle of grief, note ), of course, it was not good. "

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