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Doping earthquake in WM: what penalties threaten Hauke ​​and Baldauf

Innsbruck – The doping earthquake for Austrian cross country skiers Max Hauke ​​and Dominik Baldauf and their consequences: ÖSV's president, Peter Schröcksnadel, was opposed to the "cross-pedestrians," Sport Director Markus Gandler was once again, already that after the Olympic doping scandals in 2006 and 2014: in shock and former athlete Alois Stadlober spoke, what many thought: "Dumber is no longer and can not fall anymore."

As part of the coordinated operation "Operation Aderlass" a total of 16 searches were carried out at home and arrested nine people. Among the detainees is a principal suspect guilty of a "criminal group" of a German sports doctor who is said to have performed blood doping with accomplices to athletes. In addition to Hauke ​​and Baldauf, a Kazakh and two Estonian Cup World Cup participants are also suspected. One of the athletes was surprised at Seefeld. He was collected at Seefeld in his accommodation "with a blood bank on his arm", according to the researchers. However, they did not name the names of the suspicious athletes. For all participants, the presumption of innocence is applied.

Threat up to three years in prison

The five athletes face up to three years in prison. They could be accused of the failure of sports fraud, said the spokesman for the Innsbruck Prosecutor, Hansjörg Mayr, on Thursday.

According to Austrian law, doping itself is punishable if it applies to another person. If you are an athlete, you would not be punishable under the Doping Law. "But there is only the crime of sports fraud," said Mayr. On Thursday morning, the interrogations of the athletes were still under way. Whether it is imposed on them U-Haft must be decided no later than Friday at noon. However, none of them are still loose.

Four years of blockade by NADA

The Federal Ministry of Innneres (IMC) announced today Wednesday to examine the consequences of labor law against police athletes. At the moment, Baldauf and Hauke ​​are being trained in basic police, but soon they could finish. In addition, the Austrian Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), as the competent body, will initiate a disciplinary process against the ÖSV duo. "There is a suspicion of using the prohibited method of blood doping, we initiate the procedures at the right time," said NADA's representative, David Müller. Baldauf and Hauke ​​are threatened with blocks of four years each. But it could also be that they receive a reduction through the involvement in the detection of sponsors as clemency.

For the other three athletes from Estonia and Kazakhstan, the International Ski Federation (FIS) is responsible. However, the latter could also assign the procedure to national associations or NADOs.

For some time, NADA has been aware of regulatory investigations about the suspected doping network, Müller explained. "We were informed by months about police investigations. From the moment the police were suspected, she got involved, where she found it useful in the investigation." In the implementation of the raid in Seefeld he was present with an employee in the place. "The entire mission is expected in the expired cadre," said Müller. With the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) working together on a good trust base, which has been accumulated over the years after the first fears of contact.

FIS is awaiting official police information

The International Ski Federation works closely with the authorities after the anti-dump raids. "As soon as the official information of the Austrian police was sent to the FIS in writing, the cases will be treated immediately in accordance with the anti-doping rules," said the secretary general of the FIS, Sarah Lewis. She expects information from the authorities in the coming days. An FIS statement states that the World Federation will do everything it can to protect clean athletes. It took some time to replenish the wounded image of the sport of resistance was clear to everyone interested since yesterday. (, APA)

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