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Exchange Express – Foreign channel: the euro continues to rise in US trade to $ 1.14


The euro is on Thursdays
US trade rose slightly more expensive to $ 1.14.
He moved to publish the minutes of the US Federal Reserve. UU. (Fed)
first briefly Then he resigned his earnings and approached
Approximately one hour before closing the market on Wall Street
Again this brand. Last was the common currency with
$ 1,1390 traded.

The European Central Bank (ECB) had the type of reference in
Afternoon at 1,1387 (Wednesday: 1,1284) dollars. o
Dollars cost 0.8781 (0.8862) euros.

The Fed gave a clear signal in its minutes
Interest rate raised in December. At the same time there was in the protocol
Other signs for a possible expiration of the increases in interest rates. like that
You discussed if in the comment to
Decision of interest rates in the future "gradual interest rate increases" in
You want to make a point.

The day before, the euro rose to the dollar, which is due to the
The declarations of the president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, were attributed.
This had said that the current level of interest rates in the United States alone
a bit below the so-called neutral interest rate. If this happens
The level is approximated, then the economy by definition
nor slowed down nor pushed monetary policy. This was on the market
as an indication of a slower pace in future rate hikes
in the United States interpreted and heavy on the dollar. / ck / jsl / she

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