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Heidi Klum: Now she herself surprises the rumors of the baby, because it hardly fits in the dress

Now the rumors of pregnancy on Heidi Klum go to the next round. Because with a series of videos on his Instagram channel, the supermodel now triggers the rumor itself.

Baby rumors around Heidi Klum (45) and Tom Kaulitz (29) seem to be getting taller in the day. All the details are analyzed extensively by the fans of social networks. Heidi also seems to play with speculation. But as obvious as his latest videos in his Instagram history, he never fed rumors of pregnancy. Their figures envy millions, their clothes always fit like a glove – in fact. For now, two stylists are pulling and throwing Klum's clothes desperately, since her dress simply does not want to end. You can see clearly ambiguous scenes from the previous video.

Pregnant or not? So clever Heidi plays with speculation

Even on the night of the Oscar, Heidi was able to face speculation quite skillfully. At the beginning of the night, she was in a beautiful dress by Elton John's (71) "Foundation of the AIDS Foundation." But instead of concealing his stomach, he consciously concentrated his eyes on what he could see in the following video.

In the Vanity Fair Party, later that night, Heidi represented a different dress for photographers. Here, the sophisticated dress design with feathers darkens the stomach. Of course, this also caught his fans. For example, a user commented on the image Heidi shared on his Instagram profile: "Drink a well-concealed tummy". But also in their surroundings the comments are made several times, the rumors of the baby continue to warm. Thus, an expert revealed that Heidi had not touched alcohol at the Oscar parties. Another responded and confirmed he had quit smoking. If Heidi really expects a baby, he can not hide his luck for much longer.

We would definitely be happy with the novices in Klum-Kaulitz.

Heidi's refined feather dress can be seen in the following video.

In the second Oscar dress he covered the belly with feathers


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