Thursday , July 29 2021

Influenza: children can be particularly affected

Vienna hospitals are already preparing for flu patients, the city advises against vaccines against the virus. Children under the age of ten could be affected especially this year. For them this year there will be their own emergency services.

The experience, which virus will reach during a flu epidemic in winter, doctors gathered from the flu in Australia. There, the wave is already disappearing and it has been shown that 83 percent of the virus strains have affected the pandemic virus. "This virus was with us in 2009, so much of the population already had contact with this virus," said Christoph Wenisch, chief of the department of infection and tropical medicine at Kaiser Franz Josef hospital.

"In Australia, the flu epidemic was therefore quite mild, the affected children were less than the tenth anniversary," Wenisch said. Peter Voitl of the Vienna Medical Association emphasized Monday that, for the best care of children on weekends, emergency services would be offered at the AKH and the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital and three additional pediatric orders would be open. Call service 1450 also informs about open practices and pharmacies, Barbara Hörnlein, the medical director of the WGKK, added.

Pediatrician child care management


On weekends, three additional pediatric orderings will be open

The Austrians in the cow against the flu are shock absorbers

The flu vaccine was completely harmless and harmless, said Michael Binder, medical director of the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV), at a press conference. You can not get a flu flu, admitted with false information constantly. Protection is available for all ages – from children to the elderly.

According to Ursula Karnthaler of the Municipal Health Service (MA 15), Austrians are usually vaccinated. In Vienna, the vaccination rate is below ten percent. Especially elderly people and people with chronic diseases urgently recommend an annual needle puncture. Because for them, the flu can be particularly dangerous because it already threatened with systems of weakened organs.

Vaccination – works after about one and a half and two weeks after administration – it can be given to registered doctors, in the health centers of the Regional Fund for Health Insurance in Vienna, in the MA 15 or, in many cases, also with the doctor company

Heat as a symptom of a real flu

"The additional complications associated with influenza range from unconsciousness to heart attack and stroke to muscle breakdown," said Christoph Wenisch, chief of the department of infection and tropical medicine at the Kaiser Franz Josef hospital. For example, for people with heart problems in the case of the flu, a six-fold risk of heart attack. "This also applies to the blow," Weninger said in recent studies.

For people with pulmonary problems, mold spores, which can sometimes occur in damaged food or in tile seals in the bathroom, can become a threat that threatens life because, as it were, they can cause fungi inside the organ. Caregivers or nurses should also be protected to not infect patients and clients.

Of course, one should not be confused with real flu: a much more benign disease like flu, with a cold, cough and hoarseness. The typical symptoms in men are chills, in women a general feeling of illness and nausea. Older people are also experiencing cognitive disabilities, said Weninger.

Influenza epidemic of 10,000 patients

Most flu cases are very treatable at home, he said on Monday. However, there are numerous stationary admissions every year. In order for hospitals not to be overwhelmed, a graduated plan was developed, so Binder. After that, certain rooms will be reserved for patients with influenza. You should not get an increase in the Gangbetten, promised the director of KAV.

A flu epidemic is generally recovered from 10,000 patients in Vienna. The course usually takes six to eight weeks. The epidemic seems different from year to year. The 2016/17 was on the peak reached in exchange for the year, the previous year only at the end of January and with a much slower decline.


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