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Knife attack in Baden: 20 years old admitted to Anstalt

That's it victim According to the translator, it is said that he ran after him with his knife in his hand and shouted: "Wait, I'll defeat you." He had failed to catch up with his compatriot. As the testimony reports police The 20-year-old threw the knife into a well. "The voice told me," said the Afghan. He had not taken the medication prescribed for one month before the incident. The victim had been arrested on the scene.

The defense attorney said that his client would be responsible for doing so victim wounded, but he did not want to kill. According to expert reports, such an act is, in any case, appropriate to cause serious injuries that could occur, said the representative of the prosecution. o promoter suppose the interested person o victim I wanted to kill you at this time – so from an attempted murder.

According to the psychiatric expert, the boy of 20 years suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and it is not good. The person in question represents a "huge danger to other people," said the prosecutor at the request admissionAfghans had before the incident "visible and threatening behavior" in the day, an increasingly aggressive and outraged reaction and denied any medication, quoted the judge from a report from the refugee shelter operator. The 20-year-old admitted having used marijuana two years ago two years ago.

The victim speaks

o victim o knife attack The 20-year-old tried after the first cut in new attacks, stabbed with the blade from top to bottom in the direction of its upper part. "If I found myself with this movement, I would be dead," said the boy, according to the translator.

After the first cut, "he saw that my face was bleeding, then he withdrew." He came back and defended himself. He would assume that the 20-year-old boy not only threatened him but wanted to hurt him or kill him seriously, Afghan said. A 17-year-old Indonesian, said at the witness's stand that seam had been straightforward to his friend.

The attack with the kitchen knife had a surface cut seven inches long on the cheek victim result If he reached man through the other described movements, serious or life-threatening injuries were expected, directed reviewers Wolfgang Denk out

Reviewer Walzl talks

The psychiatric expert Manfred Walzl testified to the paranoid young man schizophreniahe was not well. Children 20 years of age show "strange and inadequate behavior." The disease had already been diagnosed before the incident in Baden, but the affected person did not take the medication. The Afghan was in 2017 with a broken bottle neck on someone who marched – but received according to judicial information in Vienna a condition partially conditioned prison In 2018 the attack followed with a knife in the park low Austria,

In Anstalt he admitted

The 20-year-old "have no limits", they could overcome them at any time, said the psychiatric expert, the only one admission In an asylum for mentally abnormal transgressor Recommended, which has also been followed now. "He desperately needs a controlled therapy and a controlled social environment," otherwise, surely we must wait for new acts of aggression.

After the jury tried deliberately heavy on Thursday mutilation and sanctioned, the accused is in asylum for mentally abnormal transgressor transferred One says that he was paranoid in the attack under the influence schizophrenia or acute polymorphic psychotic disorder with schizophrenic symptoms.

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