Sunday , January 17 2021

Metalists announce strikes on Friday – News

On Thursday (8.11.), Negotiations on the new collective agreements of the Metallers of Austria will be in the fifth round. If you can not reach an agreement in it, workers require a 5 percent salary increase, employers only offer inflation adjustment, probably on strike.

From Monday and until Wednesday they hold about 350 business meetings throughout Austria. With strike announcements, unions and work councils now want to increase pressure on businessmen before the fifth round starts.

High preparation for combat

"There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the offer of employees of two percent of salaries and wage increases, so there are many struggles in the factories." If there is no agreement in the next round of negotiations on November 8, we are obliged to call the strike leaders and start the initial action. "According to the negotiators of PRO-GE and GPA-djp.

The 192,000 employees expect fair deals from businessmen. After all, the economic situation of the metallurgical industry is excellent and the new collective agreement should be in force from November 1. The unions continue to demand five percent more salaries and salaries, or at least 100 euros more per month.

12-hour dismissal protection

In the same way, all work time demands remain fair: for example, higher payouts and surcharges for long hours of work and protection against layoffs for those who refuse hours of work of twelve hours per day or 60 hours per week.

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