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"Digital paralysis" is the new rumor of the mouth (school) of headaches and smartphones. How to counter.

14:32, November 6, 2018

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On average, young people use their smartphone or tablet for more than two hours a day. Children often use an additional gaming console. The special stance – the head is inclined forward – leads to tension in the neck, pain in the neck and, finally, also the pain in the head and the back. Why "In this position, the cervical vertebral column hangs in its ligaments, overloading and overloading chronic irritation, resulting in the head, neck and back pain," explains Ronald Dorotka, specialist in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery. As an amplifier, the absence of associated motion and the absence of sunlight, both very important for the development of a hard bone and a natural resistance, will be added.

The back takes heavy

The bottom: our head weighs on average from four to six kilograms. If you lean forward about 15 degrees, an additional 13 kg will act on the back. The lower the head sinks, the more load. If you look at your mobile device, your head has often dropped 45 degrees. In this case, forces of more than 20 kilograms act on their backs. In this position, the cervical spine must counteract a high force. The ligaments are constantly stretched, the muscles are tense, the area can not be supplied with blood.

Of course, it is not new that the back is incorrect. Often, people complain about back problems that they feel several hours a day at the table. "If you are on the table or if you use a mobile device: it's important that you modify your post from time to time to avoid back problems," say doctors.

The best tips for a healthy return:

1. relaxation exercises: For example, move your hair from right to left and lower your ear to each shoulder until you pull a pull on the cervical spine. Extend your head and pull your shoulders down.

2. Lower your eyes instead of the head: Bring mobile devices closer to your face and lower your eyes than your head and neck. Again and again, check the position and correct it if necessary.

3rd movement, movement! To strengthen muscles, practice sports at least once or twice a week and incorporate exercise into everyday life, for example: stairs instead of elevators.

pain File

Intensive text messages on the smartphone meanwhile lead to a problem known as "thumbs up". Constant typing is a repeated tension in the fingers. A possible consequence is an inflammation of the tendon that it takes from the thumb to the forearm. The inflammation is marked by stabbing or taking pain. These occur during grip, push and hold the thumb movements and lead to movement restrictions. Complaints can not only be felt locally on the thumb but also radiate along the forearm tendon. The inflamed tendon is often palpable like hardened and tempered swelling and is extremely sensitive to pressure.


After consulting the doctor, stretching and strengthening exercises can be performed. In addition, some patients find a nice application of heating or cooling locally. These promote blood circulation and thus accelerate metabolism in the affected area. You can do it by heating a cherry stone cushion or by placing a cooling cap on a fabric cloth over the inflamed area.

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