Friday , June 18 2021

Nintendo switch: Now there's finally YouTube

YouTube can be found in all types of technical devices, from smart TVs to Sony and consoles from Microsoft to smartphones of old age. The buyers of the Nintendo Switch, however, had, in addition to unofficial tricks, so far without the Google video service. While the users of EE. In the end, the Hulu transmission service was officially available, German users could only expect one day to use YouTube or other popular video services such as Netflix on the console.

At least in terms of YouTube, the wait now, a year and a half after the appearance of the switch, an end. Since Thursday, a service application is available for download. You can get them for free through the Nintendo online store.

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Ten tips for the Nintendo Switch

As in other platforms, you can log in to your YouTube account after downloading 93 megabytes and continue using channel subscriptions on the switch, for example. Unlike applications for smartphones and tablets, however, you can not download videos to the Nintendo console and then view them offline. Although it is a customer of premium premium YouTube Red payment.

For example, the YouTube world is only accessible when you have an existing WLAN connection, where video clips can be found for almost every taste, from the current clips of last-minute programs from the United States to the latest music video of Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders (yes, sing together now!).

If you are more interested in video games, here are 13 channel tips in this section:

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