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Peya injured, Marach lost «

There were bad news about the fourth round of the 8.5 million ATP Finals in London from the Austrian double players camp. Alexander Peya had to retire due to his elbow injury not recovered before the last meeting of the group of the tournament and Oliver Marach lost his second game with Mate Pavic and now he has to shake for promotion.

17:21, November 14, 2018


For Marach / Pavic was defeat 4: 6.6: 7 (4) against Americans Mike Bryan / Jack Sock in the battle for the semifinal. The first World Cup in Croatia and Austria could reach a semi-final round in certain circumstances. "Unfortunately, I did not use so much today because I had problems with my neck at night and that affected me a bit, which is why it certainly turned 20% less today than in the game," said Marach, who was on the team. The first and second set They released the only break from their team. "In the end, there were many stupid errors."

The great calculation, as now it is possible to create the rise, does not want to do to Marach. "We do not want to do the calculation but simply win the next game, but it will be a tough task, because we never saw or against Kubot / Melo this year." If he was fit and returned to his service as in the first game, he and Pavic would have a good chance.

The fourth attempt to finish the round for the semifinals is a great goal. But, of course, it is important for me to find myself, the problems on my shoulders have bothered me from China and I used pain killers every day, and there were three nights – that's not good for the stomach, "said Estirios with the Panamanian electoral country." That's why I want to get away from him, but whenever he plays, that's very difficult. "

Peya had to give his health priority by despair. He felt strongly the injury in the elbow, especially after the second defeat. "There was nothing serious about the encounter, but I understood that after I felt a bit more, and now that we are out there, the risk is too great, and the doctor and physio also advised me that would be the worst scenario," said Peya.

If it had gone a long way, it could risk you, but that does not make sense. Also the doctor and the physician advised him. Thus, Nikola Mektic and Peya share a $ 75,000 prize (66,601.55 euros) for two complete games without a win.

Peya wants to make a magnetic resonance on Monday and expects to start therapy and preparation for 2019 immediately. You do not want to treat yourself to the holidays. "So I would have six weeks for the beginning of the year, that should go well."

Your season record is, of course, a good one despite the injury. "We qualify for the Masters in seven and a half months, so you can not complain. It's a shame, of course, that at that moment the injury came", said Viennese, who started the year at position 54 and now ends in 16 .

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