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PK with Kovac and Kimmich LIVE on the scoreboard before the CL game against Athens

Bayern coach Niko Kovac put the Bundesliga in the Borussia Dortmund full focus on AEK Athens. He calls for cohesion and looks for a comparison with the ancient world.

"There are many examples in history, either from Troy or from Caesar. Now we go back to antiquity, the point is we need to join," Kovac said at the press conference before the Champions League match on Wednesday. , (Champions League: Bayern – AEK Athens, Wednesday, 21 clock at LIVETICKER)

Joshua Kimmich reiterated that the team is "absolutely" behind the coach.

Kimmich: "We are responsible"

"If you play the lead against Freiburg in the 80th minute, you can not leave the game, this should not happen, it has nothing to do with the coach. If we are responsible, we must make sure that we achieve maximum performance, then I am convinced that we will win games again, "said Kimmich. SPORT1Demand

Before the match against Athens he made a comment on the coach of Bayern Kovac and the defensive man Joshua Kimmich. The press conference to read on the TICKER:

+++ Kovac in cohesion +++

"The support is absolutely there internally, exchanging and exchanging regularly, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness are every day, if it should happen in public, it can be discussed, everything has changed a little. It's coming out of hand, we have to keep adhering to things, it's Like being in the family, if they join, it is easy, otherwise each family becomes divergent, therefore here at FC Bayern Munich we have to see there is nothing to intervene in history, there are many examples in history, either by Troy, César – now we go to antiquity, the point is that we have to unite, I do not think it's beneficial when the inmates get away, but sometimes it turns a mosquito into an elephant and other clubs that also happens and it's where it gets up. I would like it to be " , by Kovac.

+++ Kovac convinced of Wende +++

"I think my children are coming out of there, I try this with my positive attitude, and if they all give just five percent more, I'm sure we'll be back where we are at the beginning of the season," says Kovac.

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+++ Robben has a knee lock +++

"Robben told me he felt a knee block, he did not feel free in his movement, without prejudice, but we have to see that we resolved the blockade and I hope we can do it until the weekend." Kovac comments on Robben, who was prematurely replaced Freiburg.

+++ Kovac: "Must stay positive" +++

"We are human, we have a good phase and, sometimes, less good, when a footballer begins to think too much, the lack of energy and when he has positive experiences, he does not think negatively. We have to work hard to do it correctly, we have to try to keep His positive position, I can say that was not good and that was not so, but that would not increase the confidence of my players, "says Kovac.

+++ Kovac waits for a free + + + strike

"You can not always justify everything, the fun and joy are there, we need another game, we win with three or four goals, and then we'll beat it," Kovac hopes for the release.

+++ Begin before returning to training +++

"It feels surprisingly good, we hope to build it after the international break so that it is fully operational by the end of the month and then we have an increasingly competitive situation when it arrives at its form, a very important component that we currently do not have," says Kovac on Coman .

+++ Kovac in the power of stars +++

"We have a great and good quality team and everyone has the right to play right, it's like the rabbit and the hedgehog, we can twist and turn as we want, everyone has the opportunity, we have to act and if we do not have it, we must concentrate on that and not On who is angry or dissatisfied, the Lolli is exhausted, "says Kovac.

+++ Kovac in the game idea +++

"We always talked with the players and the team of trainers, we continue to ask questions and trying to get the best solutions for young people, we have an idea that we want to implement, but for the moment we can only do it for a half hour, we have to do it all the time time, "says Kovac SPORT1Demand

+++ Kovac expects hard game + + +

"It was a very controversial game in Athens, we could have scored one or two in the first half and it's fine to be late so I'm waiting for a hard game tomorrow," says Kovac.

+++ Kovac praises Kimmich +++

"He knows better, I know it and he knows it and is honored to recognize it so openly and honestly," Kovac says of Kimmich's self-criticism.

+++ Kovac focuses on Athens +++

"The game in the morning is also important for Saturday, but we have to see games separately, we want to prepare them separately, but after tomorrow's game we will talk about Dortmund anyway, but let's talk about Athens, also due to respect AEK Athens "by Kovac.

+++ Robben fails +++

Kovac reports the failure of Arjen Robben, James Rodríguez is also injured by calf problems.

+++ Kovac over its +++ position

"That is a tough question, Dortmund is on Saturday, maybe we should talk about the game against Athens, which is very important, if we won we would have ten points and could happen, the weekend game is very important to you, but before from nothing, not for us, we have to win tomorrow, the atmosphere within the team is good, we are positive that, despite the playful performance that we have shown recently, it is good for the result "I hope the good morning is good and that We are all satisfied, "says Kovac SPORT1Demand, that the optimist that this is not his last week as coach of Bayern.

+++ Soon Kovac +++

Kimmich replied to the last question, coach Kovac will follow soon.

+++ Kimmich: the first place is the +++ objective

"It would be very important to finish the group in the first place, we do not want to allow any chance for the opponents, because the shots were mostly. I'm sure we will make a convincing victory," Kimmich says.

+++ Kimmich on the plan +++

We need to increase awareness of our possibilities of marking, we want to rebuild our understanding and ease with the results, it depends on us players, of course we change things, we have a different plan against each adversary. The first games were nothing bad, things What we did well at this time is not so good, so we have to go back, that does not mean that our plan is bad at first, we just have it not well implemented, "says Kimmich.

+++ Kimmich on its +++ position

"I do not care where you play, but I'm sure I do not want to repeat a performance like Saturday," Kimmich says.

+++ Are you the team behind Kovac? +++

Kimmich asks if the team is still behind Kovac: "Absolutely! The coach can not help you, if we come to Freiburg still in Bredouille. The statistics that the last eight shots were in him indicate that we do not have so many. It's not a reproach to Manuel Neuer It is about how we defend ourselves and how we achieve our chances of scoring, in order to be able to develop consciousness, in the end we are in the place not the coach, "says Kimmich.

+++ Kimmich about the treatment between them +++

"We play the players very well." The dealings between each other are great, that's not the case, they talk to each other, but we also realize that we do not like our performance as we want, "says Kimmich.

+++ Kimmich does not disturb or rest + ++

For three and a half years, there have been many unrest over and over again: if you have always become a German champion, it will also be a little boring for people who only expect us to make mistakes, but we are sufficient professionals that does not distract us, "says Kimmich .

+++ Kimmich: we are responsible for + + +

"If you play the lead against Freiburg in the 80th minute, you can not leave the game, this should not happen, it has nothing to do with the coach. If we are responsible, we must make sure that we achieve maximum performance, then I am convinced that we will win games again, "says Kimmich. SPORT1Demand

+++ Kimmich is self-critical + +

The game against Freiburg was my weakest game for Bayern in three years and a half, I had my break earlier, although I had no tips to prepare the goals, but I have a base. I do not have the physical feeling that I need a break "says Kimmich in a self-critical way.

+++ Kimmich: I need to bring quality in the place +++

"We do not have the lightness and the own image that we transmitted to the beginning: before the game against Bayern, it was simply a work without gaining, we only have to return to the quality. We put it without a joke, go to the square with the eggs, so you can see again what we are or Munich Bayern ", says Kimmich.

+++ Kimmich starts the +++

Joshua Kimmich picks up on the podium. "We want to win the game, of course, but not only that, but also sovereignly, that we also have our self-esteem. There is no extra motivation for the Champions League, then Dortmund," says Kimmich.

+++ Bayern loose the ticket around sixteen? +++

Bayern is tied to Group E tied with Ajax Amsterdam in the eighth final course.

With a win against AEK Athens, the German champions on Wednesday still prematurely resolved the ticket for the eliminatory. If the Benfica persecutors lose at the same time against Ajax, Munich would already qualify for the round of the last 16.

+++ Mole-rabger in Bavaria +++

For now, once again, Interna reaches the public in the Rekordmeister.

Then, the Kovac coach criticized the warm warming of his substitutes and established new rules in this regard. When it was made public, Kovac asked not to be used internally. This request came as well to the public.

Kovac is relaxed out, it was not a unique resource for Bayern that the privileged information came to the public.

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