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The prize from the Swiss book was awarded to Peter Stamm «

"Peter Stamm takes us to a practically constructed maze in which we get lost happy." That's how the jury justified his decision. Today, author Peter Stamm received the Swiss Book Award.

16:05, November 11, 2018

Receive the Swiss Book Award, endowed with 30,000 francs: Peter Stamm © Gaby Gerster Frankfurt am Main

"The soft indifference of the world" – with this novel the internationally successful author wins Peter Stamm the Prize of the Swiss Book 2018. The prize was awarded on Sunday as part of the BuchBasel literary festival.

The awards ceremony took place at the Basel Theater in front of about 400 guests, as the people responsible said. The Swiss books prize this year is 30,000 Swiss francs (26,283.51 euros); The four authors who have been selected receive 3,000 francs each.

How to lose you happy

The jury justified his decision as follows: "Peter Stamm takes us to a practically constructed maze in which we get lost happily." He wrote a double novel in layers in which two pairs of artists are reflected.

In his praise he caressed Christine Richard According to the text, Stamm wrote a book on the power to remember, the story of repetition. "Other books have an action, here the action is the book, nothing more."

In his novel "The Gentle Indifference of the World," Swiss author Peter Stamm unfolds a puzzle game in 156 pages that touches one of the core issues of human life. In short, the author invokes the novel for acceptance and serenity towards life. The prize-winners of the prize were Peter Stamm Heinz Helle, Gianna Molinari, Vincenzo Todisco and Julia Lucadou.

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