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"The script was well written" "


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down Kaiser Franz Klammer, who inspired the masses with their daring driving style, talked about the Ski World Cup of yesteryear and today, the phenomenon Marcel Hirscher and abuses allegations in ÖSV.

The big party will rise again in five years. "Round anniversary celebrations are held correctly, others are just normal," Klammer said before his December 65, APA – Austria Press Agency. Almost 34 years ago, his last momentum in the World Cup, meanwhile, was in March 1985 in Aspen. Since then, the popularity of Klammer has decreased, but it has not been forgotten. Autograph hunters, for example in Vienna, where he lives with his wife Eva since 1993, are aging with him. "I do not worry about it, it's a natural progression, it's much less important than you can think."

Hope of a nation

In February of 1976 it was the hope of a whole nation. At first, Klammer first heard a Hummel trumpet concert and then headed for the Olympic title as a 22 year old scare in a yellowish racing dress. As number 15 took the suicide Bernhard Russi. And so they met the expectations of media reports up to 60,000 followers in the Patscherkofel arrival zone and beyond. In the previous year, the idol had won all exits, if it reached the end.

"Without the Olympic gold medal, it would be a good one, but not a race, it was the icing on the cake." This drama about the race, I will arrive at number 15 and I will win – the script was fine. "The biography of Klammer is closely linked to this February 5, 1976." Without Patscherkofel, it would not be the person who is today, "admitted he does Years. The Bergbauernbub of Mooswald in Carinthia was suddenly emperor, he still lives with that success.

Saddest day

As bright as this day in the life of the triple Austrian athlete of the year shines, it was so dark on February 20, 1977. His 17-year-old brother, Klaus, was paraplegic from an accident at Lienz. Klammer fell into a performance hole. "I did not think this could happen to us." After his career he founded the "Franz Klammer Foundation", which since then supports the victims of the sport accident, but also the socially disadvantaged young people.

The same Klammer was only in 1981 in Val d 'Isere on the road to success. The appetite at risk came back, which often brought him into his bold attractions in great danger of falling, but he also brought 25 low wins so far unleashed. He will remain number one in this discipline for a long time. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) has 14 best places as the most successful active driver. "It's hard to be a winner of the series on the downhill, like Hirscher in slalom, time, race races and then there is an extreme density."

Eternal mockery smiles

It was different in 1975. The man with an eternal rascal smile was at the zenith of his career, on the hillside was almost unbeatable. If he reached the end, he won. Only in Megeve, there was the bond. He lost the ski and the fight for the global World Cup: a glamorous race spot. In the current World Cup calendar, a speeding engine no longer has the chance to win the big ball as the best of the season. "It's built on technicians."

On the one hand, like Marcel Hirscher, the video clip "amazing how" looking. "The duel with Kristoffersen is very good, no one knows moderation, I like how they fight physically." Hirscher is a phenomenon. You can activate it as a switch and the function is already there, probably Alzerl is more than the rest and is also a predestined pilot, everything fits. "

Courage as a success factor

The World Cup of skiing in the present is another way to compete. Courage is still a success factor, but it will not be rewarded as it used to be. It's about hundredths of seconds, prevention of absolute errors and material battles. "It's a science, but young people still prevail, as they used to." That their own successes would be so sustainable that they had never dreamed before. "Of course it was not according to the desire at times, it was not all glorious, but the races have always been fun, a great experience."

But the glorious time seems to have its negative side, at least point to headlines in recent months. Some athletic heroes of past times face accusations of abuse, including the colleagues who participate in it. According to Klammer, suspected cases were, of course, processed and, if necessary, the "consequences". You have not heard any of these occurrences during your active time. "I was running and did not look at what was going on around me, maybe I put my head in the sand or whatever I did not know." According to Klammer, it was "a very long time".

"Fitness is ok"

Since then, many things have remained the same in Klammer's life. He is healthy and does what he likes. "Nothing has changed, there is always something to do," he says. "I still have a lot to do with carinche advertising and Head is on its way, and as of December, skiing activities will be available again as a guide for companies." Skiing, golfing, cycling – Klammer is still active in sports. "Fitness is fine". Even the career suit of the past would still fit. "But the thighs would jump, because muscle mass is lacking." Your achievements will endure time in any case. "I think my career, that was a round story."

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