20 minutes – Bern equals the series after an extraordinary victory


Two hours before the start of the game there is no free seat available in the public view in front of the stadium. The area is clear (and unlike Thursday in Bern) it has run out; Hunger in train for the second title of the championship after 1998 is huge. For now, however, the people of Zug suffered a setback on the way to the throne. For the first time in these playoffs, they finished a home game with a defeat. Bern, on the other hand, won the sixth of seven games out.

Zug begins with the break in the playoff final

Sharoni rarely shine in qualification. In playoffs, however, he was able to increase the fall in the new autumn for the team's striker. In the extra time, he pressed the disc in the pass of André Heim on the line. After 62 minutes, Bern felt a winner with the first time. Tristan Scherwey but marked the obvious winner with the ice skate; the door was denied rightly.

Haas proves its importance

When Berna returned with Gaëtan Haas, he had lost nine injured parties recently, and Thomas Rüfenacht (on Thursday absent for private reasons) two important players returned to the lineup. Haas, who led the fourth line as a center, showed his importance after 24 minutes. With a shot from a sharp angle, he scored his first play-off goal this year and the lead of SCB 1-0.

Haas leads to SC Bern in the second third in the head. (Video: SRF)

As in game 1, Bern returned to lead, this time up twice. Zug reacted to goals twice in the power match. And twice the scorer was Dennis Everberg. He first diverted a shot by Garrett Roe after taking 42 seconds before the second break with a close shot. For both successes, the classification in Bern did not fit perfectly.

Dennis Everberg meets calmly and wonderfully for 2: 2. (Video: SRF)

Grassi injured after the check by Lammer

In general, Berner had more access to the game than on Thursday, although Zug once again had more game actions, and especially in the third section, favored by Berner's penalty, the winner was much closer. Bern on the other side had a Mark Arcobello position in minute 42.

The equalizer of Roe in the power game. (Video: SRF)

Jan Mursak returns the SCB ahead: (Video: SRF)

Without personal worries, the game did not fire again for Bern: Daniel Grassi was injured in the 13th minute after a collision with Dominic Lammer. As expected, Challenge Suri could not join Zug. The striker, who saw the game in the stadium, retired on Thursday after a nasty check by Adam Almquist. Almquist was replaced in Bernese defense by the only 21-year-old Colin Gerber, who previously had no ice age in the playoffs, but did his job well. As the final sanction against Almquist fails, it should be known on Monday.


Train – Bern 2: 3 (0: 0, 2: 2, 0: 0, 0: 1) n.V.

7200 spectators (exhausted). – SR Wiegand / Hebeisen, Castelli / Kovacs.

goals: 24. Haas (Bieber) 0: 1. 28. Everberg (Roe, Alatalo / Sciaroni exclusion) 1: 1. 31. Mursak (Ebbett) 1: 2 (penalty indicated). 40. (39:18) Everberg (Roe / Ausschluss Berger) 2: 2. 65. Sciaroni (house) 2: 3.

penalties: 2 times 2 minutes against Bern, 5 times 2 minutes against Zug.

PostFinance artilleryman: Martschini; Arcobello.

train: Stephan; Díaz, Morant; Smurfs, Zgraggen; Thiry, Alatalo; Zryd, Stadler; Klingberg, Roe, Everberg; Martschini, Flynn, Simion; Lammer, Senteler, Leuenberger; Zehnder, Albrecht, Schnyder.

Bern: Genius; Krueger, Blum; Burren, Beat Gerber; Untersander, Colin Gerber; Marti; Rüfenacht, Arcobello, Moser; Boychuk, Mursak, Ebbett; Sciaroni, Heim, Scherwey; Grassi, Haas, Berger; Bieber.

observations: He trained without Suri (wounded), McIntyre and Widerström (both foreign surplus), Bern without Almquist (suspended), Kamerzin, Andersson (both injured), Kämpf and Brügger (both supernumeraries). Grassi was withdrawn (13). Post Shot Arcobello (42). Skid-gate of unauthorized Scherwey (62).


(DHO / sda)


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The Samsung Galaxy A80 brings a rotating camera –


  1. The Samsung Galaxy A80 brings a rotary camera
  2. Galaxy A80: Samsung has managed to return the smartphone's camera
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10 +: the patch for a faster track reader comes in Germany on the Caschy blog
  4. Samsung Galaxy A20e: This is the new Samsung level mobile phone
  5. The Samsung Galaxy A80 comes with a rotary triple camera that makes
  6. More information on this topic at Google News


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This special pulmonary training reduces blood pressure and also protects the heart


Pulmonary training improves physical performance and ability to think

Can you exercise your body and mind through breathing exercises in five minutes a day, without taking a single weight or taking a step still reducing the risk of heart attack, improving your thinking and improving sports performance? With the so-called inspiratory muscular force training, it seems like this is possible.

A recent study by the University of Colorado Boulder found that inspirational muscle strength training offers many benefits to the mind and body.

Cardiovascular diseases can severely limit life expectancy and quality of life. However, special day breathing exercises can protect the heart. (Image: Kzenon /

What is training inspired by muscle strength?

The so-called inspired muscle strength training (IMST) are very time-consuming exercises, which are still healthy for both body and mind. "It's basically strength training for the muscles it inspires," says author Daniel Craighead of the University of Colorado Boulder in a press release. You can do this exercise quickly at home or at the office without having to change clothes. Exercise seems to reduce blood pressure and may even increase cognitive and physical performance, add Craighead.

How does inspiratory muscle strength training work?

Inspirational muscle strength training was developed in the 80s to wean people with respiratory diseases. It requires vigorous inhalation through a special device, called an inspiratory muscle trainer, that creates resistance to breathing. It is similar to a heavy suckling of a straw, but the straw sucks back, the researchers explain.

Training improved sleep and reduced systolic blood pressure

During their early use in patients with pulmonary disease, the participants performed a daily 30-minute low-resistance therapy to increase their pulmonary capacity. In 2016, researchers from the University of Arizona published results from a study that suggested that only 30 inhalations per day with increased resistance in patients with obstructive sleep apnea may contribute to improving sleep. People with obstructive sleep apnea are prone to weak respiratory muscles. In addition to a more restful sleep and the development of a stronger diaphragm and other inspirational muscles, participants experienced an unexpected side effect at six weeks: their systolic blood pressure fell 12 mmHg (milliliters of mercury).

Systolic blood pressure, which indicates pressure in the vessels when the heart is bitten, naturally increases with the age of the arteries, which leads to the damage of the blood vessels and the risk of heart attack, cognitive decline, and kidney damage. In other studies it has been shown that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day decrease blood pressure. However, according to state estimates, only about five percent of adults meet this requirement. Meanwhile, 65 percent of middle-aged people have high systolic blood pressure, according to the authors.

More research is needed

"Our goal is to develop evidence-based and effective interventions in time that will really involve middle-aged adults," explains Professor Doug Seals of the University of Colorado Boulder. In approximately half of the tests performed, the researchers found significant drops in blood pressure and improvements in the function of the main arteries in those who performed inspiratory muscle strength training. In addition, people from the inspired muscle training group have improved certain cognitive tasks and memory tests. These participants were also able to spend a lot of time on a milestone, and their heart rate and oxygen consumption during exercise were lower. Researchers suggest that by improving the function of their respiratory muscles, these people do not need so much blood, so blood can be better distributed in the legs so that people can exercise more time. Some cyclists and runners already use inspirational muscle trainers available in the market to gain a competitive advantage. However, Seals and Craighead emphasize that their conclusions are purely preliminary and that more research is now needed. (A)


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20 minutes – The village of Ibiza in Oberägeri divides Switzerland


Round windows, barely edges, palms and everything white as snow: the architectural style of a Mediterranean village in Oberägeri ZG, whose owner is in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and Ibiza, gives rise to talk.


What do you think of the buildings of foreign architectural styles in Swiss neighborhoods?

"Elegant, tasteful, a dream," said the reader, the first 20-minute article for this house, which currently buys approximately 3.4 million francs. Many other readers now also dream of this unique property: "A beautiful, cozy, city with great atmosphere".

But the house of Ibiza in the country also irritates many. There are a number of comments on this subject: "This town belongs to the sea, not to the mountains" or "In Spain, but not in Switzerland." Someone even demands: "Remove."

79% would like to live there

In general, Ibiza Villa de Oberägeri appealed to a large majority: when asked if they would like to live in this town, 79% of more than 2,000 participants clicked on this answer: "Yes, you should feel like a long-term holiday. " Only 21 percent, the town is very special and does not want to live there.

"Baureglement in Oberägeri obviously leaves a lot of room for maneuver"

And how does Ibiza-Villa come to the professional world? Rahel Marti, editor-in-chief of the architectural magazine "Hochparterre", says at the beginning: "In all the municipalities there is a regulation of buildings, so this villa has been reviewed and, apparently, the dimensions are in accordance with the regulations that exist . " In other words, Marti continues. Oberägeri's regulations "seem to leave a lot of room for maneuver". It simply regulates dimensions and areas, but not the architectural style.

«The neighborhoods are usually the right architectural gardens»

"This is the case, and that is why you will find several types of architecture in the suburbs of Swiss unifamilial houses, sometimes real architectural zoos." Specifically, in the case of Oberägeri ZG, Marti points out that there is an independent chalet-style house next to the Mediterranean house. "What are different flavors is a fact and of course well. But construction is always a public adventure. Every house, even a private home, is finally in the village, in the countryside, in the public space, where everyone can see it and they all belong. "And this is where the duty of the building's authority comes not only in dimensions, but also in terms of respecting the general outlook.

If the request of a building complies with the regulations of a municipality, it can not be rejected. "But if you want to avoid the architectural zoo, there are two ways. Or it makes the building regulations more stringent for houses to become more uniform." Or you should try to accompany a project with a construction consultancy so that a global image arises Consistent in place of total individuality. There are communities that would be very involved in this and others not.

"A coherent whole that I do not recognize in Oberägeri"

The State has the duty to find excessive forms of construction that are adjusted. The conclusion of the expert in Ibiza Villa: "Of course, the buildings can be different, but a good architect chooses shapes and characteristics that have something to do with the neighborhood. This generates a harmonious whole. I can not see it in the image of the Oberägeri district . »



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This is what "The Lion King" looks like a real movie adaptation


The time has come: the Disney classic "The Lion King" is released as a true movie. Now Disney introduced the first real movie trailer, which will be seen from the middle of the end of June 2019 in German-speaking countries.

And of course, all the favorites and the villains are back: Simba, Timon, Pumba, Mufasa or Cicatriz.

In fact, animals are synchronized in English by real stars. So Seth Rogan or Beyoncé also took part.



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Coop launches "Happy Cola"


Coca-Cola reduced the bottles to 0.45 liters, but prices remain unchanged. This is not attractive to many. No Coop either. The retailer wants to take the American beverage giant with his own coke to make foam.

A small entry in the Trademark Registry shows that Coop wants to fight Coca-Cola in Switzerland. The bottom: Coca-Cola introduced new dimensions of smaller bottles (0.45 liters) in Switzerland, but did not reduce prices (reported BLICK).

That is not good for retailers. Despite intense negotiations, Coca-Cola insists on previous prices. Therefore, the Selecta machine operator prohibited part of the beverage range of approximately 8,000 machines.

In two varieties and bottle of 0.5 liters

While other vendors are around and offer small bottles of Coca-Cola reluctantly or stocked in the gray market, Coop now goes in another way and brings its own coke to the market: Happy Cola. Trademark protection has already been requested.

The drink will come on the shelves with "classic" and "zero" varieties. E in 0.5 liter bottles. Coop does not reduce its Coca-Cola bottles. The retro design of the bottle is impressive.

Happy Cola is made by a small Swiss producer, as Coop says on request. The price: 1.20 francs per bottle. For comparison: the normal Coca-Cola in the 0.45 liter bottle is available in Coop for CHF 1.35.

Coca-Cola Switzerland did not want to comment on the new Coop competition on request.

Since the end of April in stores

Coop is serious about Happy Cola. This shows the sports schedule. From the end of April, bottles will be available in the first stores. Since mid-May, then in every supermarket, Coop restaurants and also in Transgourmet wholesalers.

It is open as customers react. If you like the new queue? In any case, the price will hardly be Happy Cola flops.

Is there a problem with the name?

Coop is not the only company that uses the name "Happy Cola". Haribo uses it in the legendary bottles of fruit rubber glue. Does Coop take problems with Haribo's lawyers? "At first, we did not discuss the issues about brands," says a Haribo spokeswoman at Blick.

At Coop you think you're sure. "We tried different names and Happy Cola was the best. Of course, we have cleared out previously if the name can be used and according to our clarifications, nothing speaks against it," says a spokesman. There was no contact with Haribo in this respect.


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«I should get up faster»


EVZ coach Dan Tangnes (40) has a very clear opinion about the stroke of his American striker Garrett Roe (31).

ECC Roe over swallows reproach

«You will sleep easily»

Garrett Roe is covered by a sharp whistle at the PostFinance Berne Stadium while remaining twisted after a SCB defense check-in, Beat Gerber (minute 37). Viewers come in the video cube again and again that the ECC's foreigner is touched in action while in the lower part of the leg, but for falls too theatrical.

Only 54 seconds later, Roe moves to the prison box, to make a wound. Although he is also beaten by the whipping of Ramon Untersanders, he hits him when the stick comes out of his hands. But again, the reaction of the boy of 31 years is a bit exaggerated when he shakes his hand with a sore face.

Punishment on the next scene? Tangnes: «Karma»

This could be an expensive minute for him if the association credits buses. Roe himself says among other things (see previous video): "In the end emotional things happen."

His trainer, Dan Tangnes, finds lighter words, especially about Gerber's action: "Should Garrett get up faster? Absolutely. It was a punishment? Absolutely." And, in general, to the rigors of the fall: "There is no place In hockey for players who suddenly look like epileptic fish just to get a penalty. "

Ese Roe just one minute later for his plays, EVZ's trainer was classified succinctly as "Karma." Swallows and pretending a shortage are not things that are proud of. "Nobody should," says Tangnes. The club also does not want to see this, says the Norwegian, who now expects Roe to be the target of provocation in the following duels.

Playoffs 2019

Which team raises the coveted trophy this year?

All the matches of the National 2016 National Playoffs at a glance: Stay informed of the results, matches, ratings, biggest emotions, monsters and all the other highlights with the playoff ticker.


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Rage 2 in the new trailer


In the last trailer of the shooter to the open world "Rage 2" different weapons and abilities are presented.

Bethesda has just released a new trailer for "Rage 2", which shows the various weapons and abilities of the Open World shooter. "Rage 2" will be released on May 14, 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"Rage 2" tells the story of Walker, the last ranger of Vineland, who fights for survival in the chaos of a dystopian world. Equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, vehicles and alien forces, Walker intends to overthrow the tyrannical government. Bethesda speaks of a so-called verse shot to the open world.


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Unhealthy diet aims to kill more people than to smoke? What happens with the study, which is being reported everywhere


The man has a cigar and smokesIt is said that smoking causes fewer deaths than poor diet.Shutterstock / Africa StudioIt is an obvious and logical conclusion: it has been shown that healthy and balanced diet has beneficial health effects. Unhealthy foods have a negative impact on your health. So far the researchers agree and will hardly be surprised by this connection.

Recently, however, scientists have tried to assess the consequences of an unhealthy diet, and surprising and equally alarming numbers have emerged. In his study, published in The Lancet magazine, researchers write that poor nutrition is responsible for every fifth death worldwide. In 2017 we will talk about eleven million dead who were victims of fast food, sweets and more. Poor nutrition causes more deaths than smoking, the Institute of Medicine and Health Assessment (IMHE) writes in a press release about the study.

The new study refers to studies published previously

The team led by the author of the study, Ashkan Afshin, from IMHE, valued data from the extensive "Global Disease Study" of 195 countries. In addition, they have drawn from various sources information about the eating habits of different countries.

In general, the team focused on 15 components of the diet and ranked the next 10 healthy ones, noting that, on average, these would be insufficient in most countries: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, milk, Fibra calcium , omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Researchers would use too much, according to the researchers, five unhealthy foods: sugary beverages, red meats, sausages, salts and trans fatty acids.

For each component, the researchers calculated an optimum consumption level and that health consequences, such as the increased risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, could threaten if this was not achieved. They determined this from other already published studies that treated the respective food component.

Observational studies do not allow for a causal conclusion

Here's the problem. Many of the possible relationships between diet and diseases derive from the so-called observational studies in which people only question themselves about what they eat. Then, researchers record over the years how many of them are sick or die. These studies can show maximum relationships, but in no way prove that individual foods are really the cause of disease or death. A correlation is pure speculation.

For example, we do not know if people who prefer to eat white bread instead of whole wheat are also more likely to smoke, less exercise or drink more alcohol. In order to draw a causal conclusion, the so-called randomized controlled intervention studies are necessary. In this case, the topics for our example would have to be divided randomly into two groups and have prescribed different diets: a group then for a longer period only the whole bread and the other group would only obtain white bread. These studies are rare.

This is another reason why nutrition studies are increasingly criticized. Last year, for example, the famous health scientist John Ioannidis of Stanford University drew attention to deficiencies in nutrition research and called for a reform of the field of research. He gave an example that also plays a role in the current study: Nuts. People ate few nuts, the researchers wrote the study "Lancet", that is, only about three grams instead of the recommended 21 grams per day. Scientists cite this as the reason for almost two million deaths in just one year. It looks a lot. It is also This becomes especially evident when a reverse conclusion is obtained.

A handful of nuts do not decide life or death

As Ionnadis writes, we must also assume that a person lives longer if he eats a handful of nuts each day – depending on the calculation model between 1.7 and four years. This effect is incredibly high, so researchers. Especially in observational studies almost all foods are statistically linked to life expectancy. It is considered incorrect to assume that there is a real causal connection everywhere. He also notes that the idea of ​​eating more healthy foods is conducive to avoiding excess weight.

More information on nutrition: the health benefits of olive oil are highly overestimated

Of course, nutrition is an important factor in health. If you really are the handful of nuts per day that decides life or death, you should at least doubt – especially in the insufficient data currently. The claim that a healthy diet does not kill more people than smoking should not be misunderstood: the valid data clearly show that smoking or not smoking is more important for the health of the individual than deciding to take a handful of nuts every day to eat or no


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New Aescher-Wirt includes the famous Rösti


For many, Aescher is considered the most beautiful place in the world. Therefore, tourists make a pilgrimage to Appenzell from all directions to take a photo of recollection. The second reason for the walk, the popular Rösti in the restaurant, will not exist in the future.

In May, the Aescher mountain restaurant opens the season at Wasserauen AI. Although the new tenant is the same as the old one, nothing more is the same as before. On Wednesday, the new host, Gallus Knechtle, of the event agency Pfefferbeere AG, unveiled the new menu. The lovers of the famous Aescher-Rösti of the predecessors, Nicole and Bernhard Knechtle, will swallow them empty: the plate disappears completely from the diet!

Instead, you will find, for example, cooked sausages, cheese patties and Ribel-Bramata butter with pork butter. In general, there are a dozen of mainly regional dishes in the new menu – for small and large ones.

"We want to open a new chapter"

Gallus Knechtle defends Rösti's exemption at the request of LOOK. "There are several reasons why we do not offer rösti in the new Aescher menu. On the one hand, we want to open a new chapter. But we also consider that Rösti in the dough is relatively expensive in the preparation." Another reason is that the preparation consumes a lot of energy. Knechtle: "Do not forget that the potatoes are heated twice."

Knechtle and his business partner Melanie Gmünder attach great importance to regional products. "In doing so, we not only take into account the Appenzell, but also the neighboring regions behind the mountains. Like the shrimp ripened butter with pork butter. The main ingredient of this dish, the Ribelmais, has been cultivated for centuries in the Rhine Valley St. Gallen. »

Knechtle grew up in Stein AR. Its objective is to integrate the history of the place and the distinctive brands of the region in the menu: "For guests of Aeschers, the visit should be a holistic dining experience," he said in the announcement of the acquisition at the end of last year.

The space problems remain for now

The Aescher space conditions are still tight. Although structural measures have been approved to improve the situation, the measures will only be applied after the summer season of 2019. The head of the Aescher team is Melanie Gmünder, also Appenzellerin. It is supported by a team of 12 members and several flexible temporary agents.


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