Thursday , October 28 2021

A & # 39; Goddess & # 39; in the United States


"Goddess" in the United States of America after the movie. The movie has already been released in the US. U., DC, Austin, Dallas and New York. The film is shown in San Francisco on November 3. It is known that visitors to the country, such as Debian & # 39; They are charging advance tickets with the generalized Debit & # 39; interest. Then gradually, "Devi" will be shown in 20 cities.

In this context, Jaya Ahsan said: "The biography is in charge of the movie in America. Not only in San Francisco, it will also run in other cities in the country. Until December 15, we receive the list of reservations. Meanwhile, the image will be displayed in 20 cities. & # 39;

In addition, the Jamaica Multiplex movie in New York will be presented on Friday, November 9 at 9:00 and the next two days on Saturday and Sunday at 4 in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, in the first week (October 19), "Goddess" was released in only 28 films. In the second week, the number rose to 35 Friday, due to the demand of the visitors, "Goddess" is happening for more cinemas since the third week.

The popular Miss Ali Ali series of Humayun Ahmed & # 39; Debi & # 39; is a movie novel. Jaya Ahsan produced an image of the government's donation led by Anm Biswas. He also starred in the movie. Apart from this, Chanchal Chowdhury, Animesh Aich, Shabnam Faria and Eresh Zaker also starred in the movie. Jazz Multimedia is representing Goddess


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