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After the "Fairy", the film will take place in the next film

Paribahrata again after the movie & # 39; Faada & # 39; in the next movie

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Updated:February 28, 2019 05:17 PM IST

#Calcuta: Polarbrahat Chattopadhyay! More than one Hindi movie! The production of Anushka Sharma & # 39; Paribah & # 39 ;, with Anushka Sharma on screen, is seen as the best. What a trip continues! Parambrata will also star in the upcoming production of Anku Productions. Shooting in Bhawal Rajbari. Ankaswa arrived in Calcutta for three days to see the shooting. Yesterday, Mumbai returned on Wednesday afternoon.

They inform industrial sources, the director of cinema Anvita Dutta. Written by the popular movie & # 39; Quinn & # 39; Dialogue, Anvita Kankana Sen Sharma and Rahul Basu can see the important role in the film. From a member of the unit, it is known that the movie can not be played on this movie.

After firing at Piara, Pabramata said, she is fascinated by working with disagreement. It did not appear in the producer's set;

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