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Atiqul Islam on the way to gaining a great margin … – 742260 | Kaler Kantho

Awami Atiqul Islam's candidate, on the way to the victory of the deputy mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), will be the main candidate in the partial election. On the other hand, the opposition party Jatiya Party Shafin Ahmed withdraws a significant number of votes.

The Electoral Commission (EC) announced the results this Thursday at the International Conference of Bangabandhu Conferences.

So far, of 1295 election centers, 645 candidates declared results in 3,87,779 votes. Shafin Ahmed received 15,275 votes with the plow symbol of his closest Jatiya Party rival.

In the two cities, the general elections will be held for the post of Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC) and 18 rooms in the expanded area. On the other hand, general elections were held in 18 pavilions of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) extended.

In the DNCCC and DSCC elections, the total number of candidates for the post of mayor, councilor and councilor for women reserved is 382. Of these, 5 mayoral posts. The number of candidates in the 36 municipal council of general sessions in the two cities is 310. The number of candidates for the position of adviser of 6 rooms reserved in the North South City is of 69. Among them, 116 candidates of 18 general rooms of the councilman , 116 of the general advisers of the DSC in the neighborhood of Sangsankha. On the other hand, six women's rooms of the DNCC, 45 city council candidates and 24 at the DSCC.

In this election, the election of the party symbol for the mayor's office, but the choice of the individual symbol of the party is chosen in the council. Meanwhile, a candidate from Dhaka Ward n. No. 9 was elected without opposition.

In the subversive election of the DNCCC, five challenged the mayor. They are: Atiqul Islam of the Awami League, Shafin Ahmed of the Jangal Party in the symbol of Langal, Shahin Khan of the Democratic Progressive Party (PDP), National People's Party (NPP) Anisur Rahman Dewan and independent candidate North South Properties Limited President. Abdur Rahim Symbol Table Clock.

In Dhaka North, general rooms of 54 and reserved room 18, polling centers total 1,259 and voting tables 6 thousand 482. This total of voters 30 million 35 thousand 621 people. Of these, 15.63,530 voters and women voters 14 lakh 72 thousand 91 people. The mayor's post is celebrated throughout the city of the north. In the 54 general rooms, there are 18 rooms in the rooms and 6 of the 18 rooms reserved for the councilor position.

Of the 18 districts extended in the North city, 18 general rooms and 6 rooms reserved for the total of 243 police stations and 1,472 voting centers. Total voters 5.99 thousand 705 people Of these, 2 lakh 98 thousand 285 male voters and 2 lakh 92 thousand 420 women voters.

On the other hand, the 18 stops extended by Dhaka South City, the generals of 18 rooms and 6 rooms reserved for the total of up to 235 police stations and 1,225 voting centers. Total voters 4 lakh 96 thousand 735 Of these, 2 lakh 54 thousand 497 voters and 2 lakh 42 thousand 238 women.

On the occasion of the elections of the North and South Corporation, restrictions have been imposed on all types of vehicular traffic from Wednesday 12 to 12 hours on Wednesdays. Also on February 26, the restriction was imposed on the motorcycle movement from 6:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. between 12 and 1 March. But the fire service, the ambulance and the postal department will be out of this direction.

The elections in Dhaka North and South City Corporation were held on April 28, 2015. After two and a half years of elections, on November 30, 2017, Mayor Annisur Huq died in London. The seat is empty. On the other hand, in 2017, 36 new 36 rooms were added in two cities. The CE announced a two-city timetable on January 22 after a year of the scheduled time due to the penalties of the court.

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