Thursday , July 29 2021

Bangladesh girls lost to India Sport

Bangladesh girls lost to India

In the second round of women's soccer in the next Tokyo Olympics, Bangladesh girls were defeated in their second game. The Indian women soccer team defeated 7-1 goals with the coach of the disciples of Golam Rabbani Chiton

Before the game, the certainty of giving the best game to the coach and the voices of the players fell. But when the party began to believe that it was no longer. In the previous encounter, the first 30 minutes of their own goal remained against the Bangladeshi team. But in half an hour to start digging three goals!

In the 16th minute in the game of the Thuana Stadium in Yangon, India progressed towards the goal of Kamala Devi. Indian forward Bala Devi doubled the gap of 22 teams. Two minutes later, again the attack of Bala Devi, India, further increased the gap. By finalizing the first half by 3-0 goals, the Bangladesh team scored four more goals in the second half.

Bala Devi, who scored two goals in four goals for India. Kamla Devi and Sanju Yadav scored one goal each. In the 82th minute, Krishna Rani Sarker scored the only goal of Bangladesh.

In the preliminary selection, the champions of the four groups and the best two runners-up will receive the ticket in the second round. Myanmar had to go to the next round after losing 5-0 in the first encounter, but it was only possible if the best runners in the group. To win the game in the second round, winning the game was no different in any other way. However, in this encounter, the duration of 7-1 was confirmed by the phase of the group confirmed by Bangladesh. Bangladesh will have to face Nepal in its final game on Tuesday.

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