Saturday , April 17 2021

Bangladesh is still a "general team": Sehwag

Bangladesh stagnated 143 races in the first innings of the match against the Sylhet stadium. Again, former India opener, Virender Sehwag, said he was scared again with the team.

Before, the former Indian opener had driven several times to Bangladesh's cricket team in many ways. In the ongoing Sylhet trial between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, he said: "I will still call Bangladesh as a general team."

The last six rounds of Bangladesh finished in 110, 123, 43, 144, 149 and 168. In the same continuation of the first entries against Zimbabwe, all of Bangladesh are 143 tracks. Bangladesh is beating with an aim of 321 clues in the two innings.

Bangladesh will test Zimbabwe's lime in the ODI series of three matches in this series. But in the large format of cricket, unknown in Bangladesh The question is whether tigers do not yet mature on self-esteem or in evidence.

At a press conference before visiting Bangladesh in 2010, Bangladesh called the "Ordinary Team." At that time, the Indian opener said that Bangladesh is a common team that can not afford to carry 20 wickets in India. They can show a clash in the ODIs, but never in white clothes.

Commenting on the breakup of the Bangladesh team in the first entries, Virender Sehwag commented on Crickinfo's comment on the popular Cricket Cricket website. Where he once again called the "Ordinary Team" of Bangladesh.

In the comment, Sehwag said, I will still call the Ordinary Team of Bangladesh. Maybe they can win anywhere; But for this victory many things have to be on their side. For example, play, adversary quality, places, field, etc. In my opinion, they are still a common party.

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