Monday , May 10 2021

Bolla truck driver killed in a truck

A motorcycle climber named Yamin Hossain (30) was killed in a truck with a motorcycle on the Eilsha de Bhola road. The accident occurred in the Hazarhat area of ​​Bhola on Monday (November 5) at 9:30 p.m. M.

According to local sources, Yamin Hossain, conductor of the local government division of the Bhola DC office, has hit a truck loaded with gas cylinders in Bagerha Hajj Hath on the way to Bhola from Honda on Monday night. Yemen was killed in the place.

The late Yamin died in the Rajput Union area of ​​Janata Bazaar. The father of Freedom Habibur Rahman's father and father of 1 son

About that The official officer of the Bhola police station (OC), Chagir Mia, said the police and the helper were recovered from the body. The driver fled.

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