Friday , June 18 2021

Enamul took 34 out of five wickets in the hat-trick

He was the hero of the first test of the history of Bangladesh. However, only 15 matches of tests were played. Although the international race is not very colorful, the left spinner of the arm Enamul Haque Jr. It's always bright in the domestic cricket of the country.

Enamul played with Abdur Razzak for a long time in the record of bringing five wickets in first class cricket in the country's history. In the record again, he made a great hat-trick on the way to sit next to Razzak.

Enamul took five wickets in the second game of the National Cricket League with a hat-trick against the Dhaka Division table in Cox's Bazaar. Although he is still 31 years old, he is still playing as a youth player for the country because of Enamul Haque Moni.

Enamul's spin vortex did not take the first tickets to a very high Dhaka division. In response to 238 races in the first Sylhet entries, Dhaka 346 is completed in response. Enamul took 5 wickets at 87 overs with 6 Maiden at 33 overs.

Enamul hit Taibur Rahman directly in the 76th on the 76th on Dhaka innings. Zaker Ali was captured into the hands of the century centurion Abdul Majid. As a result, he had to return to the dismissal of 104 races yesterday. Enamul hit Nazmul Hasan Milon for a hat-trick after the latter. He also took five wickets in the game.

34th Enamul five-meter race in the first class race of 120 games. In addition to playing more than one game, the other 34-year spinner, Abdur Razzak also has five wickets.


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