Thursday , January 21 2021

I will not allow the industry to be destroyed: Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan

There is a problem in the film industry in Dhaka. And because of not having a good image on a regular big screen, the audience is being very popular. But if the movie industry is going to disappear soon, it will soon disappear.

Asked about the opinion, one of the numbers of Dhaliuddin Shakib Khan said: I will not allow the industry to be destroyed. As long as possible, I will work fine. In the digital age, not only the budget, the challenge also increased our Saín after offering many jobs in India's production. What is it for? We will have to restore this industry again.

To do a good job. I'm trying now that. I will be presenting a lot of work very soon to the public. Shakib Khan also said the industry never saw a bad time. But our prime minister is giving regular donations to artists, standing next to them. No one has to return empty hands. It's really a good matter for any artist.

He loves the industry, loves the artists. So, I think the industry problem will solve and resolve. In one of the stages of the conversation, he asked himself, are you willing to serve artists again in front of the artists' association? In response, Shakib Khan said: "I have no decision on this." A few days ago, talking to actor Ta Taib Bhai about this. He is also looking for He has already done a great job for artists. But I still do not think of the selection of the association of artists.

Shakib Khan

There is still time for the elections. Decisions can be taken later. Now we have to work harder to keep the industry alive. These problems have to be resolved. Meanwhile, it is assumed that Shakib Khan would be the candidate for the next eleven parliamentary elections. But in the end, he left the decision, he said. Shakib Khan's latest appearance on Captain Khan & # 39; & Nakab & # 39; They appear differently in both images. The legendary actor Shakib Khan appeared before the public as a "hunter", "Nawab," and sometimes "Chalban" or "Bhajan."

If you want to know what the public will see in front of it, the creator Kazi Hayat Bhai wrote a great story. I liked it after listening to me. The name of the movie is & # 39; Bir & # 39 ;. In the following month, I will start working on this photo. You will work in different places, including Dhaka. Currently Shakib Khan is busy busy working with "Ek Prem Need" by Shahin Suman and Shahhen Shah of Shamim Ahmed Ranir. Currently, this hero, who is busy with domestic photography, has been popular in acting in Kolkata.

So what do you think about the new Calcutta image? In response, the best hero said: "Talk about the work of several photos of Kolkata." Next week he'll be there. If everything is fine, go to Kolkata to hear the story of several movies. I will work if you like. But now, before me, own industry, then another place. It is my desire to work well in this industry.

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